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I'm sick of being a doormat


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From my sister's online journal:

"How much begging would it take to get you to PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD order those CDs? You know I never have time to do it myself! I'm just asking a favor... I mean, I help you when you need it."

Now I understand why my mom goes psycho every few weeks! Yes, I am back home from school. Yes, I am a fucking loser with no job. No, I don't have anything else to do during the day other than sit around and feel sorry for myself. But I am NOT the only person living in this house! I am not the only person who leaves stuff laying around. I'm not the only person who uses dishes and/or cooks in the kitchen! Therefore, I should not be the only one busting my ass to clean every day! In fact, I shouldn't HAVE to clean every day. My two lazy ass sisters should learn to pick up after themselves and DO THEIR CHORES!

I have not complained about the kitchen being turned back upside down every afternoon when you get home from school. I have not complained about cleaning the living room. And, I have not complained about my laundry not getting done. But today I am fed up. I've been home ONE WEEK and 4 out of 7 of those days has been spent cleaning up after my good-for-nothing younger sisters. I'm not doing it anymore.

I've tried to be understanding about their extremely "busy" schedules. What, with work and school, using MY laptop to chat online, and talking on the phone all night...I don't know how they find time to sleep!

All I asked was that they help me in the house this afternoon when they got home from school. Before I could even finish my sentence Kori said "WAIT! We already told Mama this morning that we're going somewhere after school!" So I asked where. "To take pictures at the park...and then I'm going to church. Yeah! It's Wednesday." FUUUUCCCCKKKK YOU! So I compromised. I told Kori to clean the living room when she gets home from church and I nicely asked Kaci to put a load of laundry in the washer. Did Kaci do that? HELL NO. She and Kori went outside to leave. So I went out...to calmly talk to them. AND THEY DROVE AWAY!

I am sick of being a doormat! My sisters may not know exactly why I am home from school...but if someone who had moved out moves back in a month and a half later...SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED. And, with no car during the day how am I supposed to go out and get a job? I have to wait until my car gets fixed.

So I called them on their cellphones. My middle sister ignored me but my youngest sister answered. The whole time I was talking...well, yelling...my middle sister has a running commentary. "We told mama we were going..." and "Well YOU don't have a job. YOU sit at home all day. It's not like YOU have anything better to do." Again, FUUUUCCCCKKK YOU!

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You are absolutely right- you do not deserve to be treated that way! Is there any particular reason you HAVE to do their chores? I mean, other than being nice like that. ; ) It sounds like they really are milking your homecoming for all it's worth without even giving a fig about WHY you're there.

If I were you- if you're not somehow compelled to be doing this stuff for them- I'd just do what I had to do on my end to contribute to the household, tell your parents you simply are not going to do be doing your sister's chores anymore because of the blatantly disrespectful and ungrateful way they have been treating you- as if you exist to pick up after them and order their CDs for them! -and tell them that they found time in their oh-so busy lives to get by without you there for a month and a half, they will just have to look somewhere deep inside themselves and find the STRENGTH to throw their own damn clothes in the washer.  ;)

I hope your car is fixed quickly!


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Wish I had many words of wisdom to share...

I don't because I am struggling with somewhat the same thing

different details but the same feelings of anger and despair and <insert any word here that fits your need>

The only thing I can offer is to try and do what you can now to set limits

before you are like me--an old bag at 58 learning new tricks.

Life is too short to be anyone's doormat!


speaking from experience

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