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Remeron, Neurontin, Buspar?

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Hi, I'm new to this website but I've read it in the past when I've googled my different meds my doc has put me on. I've had a rough couple of weeks with anxiety and depression and was sort of self medicating with alcohol (not good). Up until yesterday I was taking Zoloft 200mg in the morning, Buspar 15 mg in the am and pm, and Seroquel 50mg at night. I saw my regular doctor two days ago and she said I needed a psychiatrist.

I saw the pdoc last night and he changed up everything on me. He put me on 15 mg of remeron at night, 30 mg of Buspar in the am and pm, and neurontin 100 mg four times a day. Has anyone ever tried this combination or something similar? Because of my history with alcohol no one will give me benzos so I'm curious if the neurontin will actually help with anxiety. And is the remeron at night enough to replace the Zoloft?

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