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Been there,

Done that.

I have rarely,


raised my voice.

In the state you speak of,

I have this marvelous

Drill Sergeant Channeling


Well,since I don't hear it,

probably Not marvelous.

actually not popular

at all.

It is a time when I write complete long sentences,without meticulously focussing

on them,the subject matter,ahem,tends to be IN YOUR FACE.

Since we've been in Oregon,I don't carry a pistol everywhere I go,curious,that.

Stasis,tending to veer off topic

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This is atypical and has lasted a week or more.

I would highly recommend calling your Pdoc on an urgent basis.

I think that your Pdoc should treat this as very urgent and can give you meds to

knock-you-down" which will hopefully break the cycle.

That is my understanding based on my having three mixed cycles so far.


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Wow, that sounds like me.  A couple of things... I would call your doc and let him know what's up.  Also, do you exercise?  When I get like that, exercise truly does give me a good outlet.  Mixed states suck so bad.

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You have been diagnosed 20 years, so how old are you?  I only ask because peri menopause does cause a resurrgence of pms or new pms like never before.

I am dealing with it and it also comes at a different time of month than before. Instead of right before my period it is now exactly ten days into my cycle. Shit hits the fan and I turn into superbitch for a few days to a week then finally start coming back to normal and it is all better before I even bleed.

I just turned 44.

Im unipolar but was worried with this new cycle I was going over to bp. I charted it and it is only a pms pattern. I cannot imagine what it would do to me if I were bp. Argh.

Definately something to talk to Doc about.  I feel for you, whatever the cause.


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I get that glorious rage so often in my manic phases.  Rage in mania is oh so common.

Man I miss the nice pure gentle mania where I am full of ideas and energy and... well, myself. ;)

Now I get a whole lot of rage.  I thought exercise would help but I played a team sport and I just ended up hurting people.

Messing with the meds is probably your best bet.

Good luck, breathe deep, and keep your hubby out of the way. :)

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Heya C@scratch,

Sorry I came so late to your thread -- I killed my computer outright (apparently that instruction to not pour liquids onto the inside is meant to be taken seriously).

I'm glad you saw your psych.  I hope the Abilify helps (not approved in the Frozen North but the literature looks good).

First mixed-type episode must be scary as hell.

I've *never* had one of those happy manias people seem to miss so much.  Those sound great to me.

I've cycled for 20 years between agitated/angry depressions and raging/angry mixed/dysphoric manias.

The only constant for me has been rage.

Now AL (After Lamictal) suddenly I'm not angry anymore.  It seems to have damped the fire that's been raging in my brain for almost as long as I can remember.

Now I'm either having a sad depression or I'm just sad.  Not sure about all these non-rage feelings.  But it's a start.

I have, though, had to refer back to my journal page about how *bad* the rage was, because sadness sucks the life out of me whereas rage *felt* like energy.

Good luck C@scratch.  Hoping this is your *last* mixed episode.


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I had the exact same rage last night for the same reasons.  Spooky.  Okay there is a full moon tonight so that might explain things

I was so mad and frustrated I ripped off my glasses, snapped them in two and through them across the room. 

Very productive I know.

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Heya C@scratch,

Full moon.

Well, I like to say I'm a scientist.  Not superstitious.

Although my dad is self-proclaimed Irish and I'm married to a Chinese family.

Full moons bring out all the bipolar nutjobs.

They (we) all need adjustments in their (our) meds.

This makes for a real fun time as I see nutjobs all day (who of course all make me nuttier) while frantically trying to book in with my own FP.



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