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anyone have personal experience with wellbutrin xr vs. wellbutrin xl?

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I am wondering if one works better than the other? what the differences were, is one more effective?

I am on the xl but years ago was on sr and now can't remember why I'm not still on the SR or what the differences were. I'm beginning to think wellbutrin xl is like a placebo...not lifting the depression and social withdrawal but did add proxac 20mg 16 days ago. waiting for that to work. such a crapshoot.

any experiences with having tried both would be appreciated. thanks

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Wellbutrin SR did not work well for me.  It is a 12 hour release pill and I would start to crash by mid afternoon, well before the next pill was due.  For some reason the extended release (XL) works great with my body chemistry.  I don;'t feel the bupropion enter my body or even completely leave my body.  


Have you tried changing to a higher dosage - 300 XL?  Also, I don't know if you are taking the brand or the generic, but for some people the generic release method does not work well.


Hopefully the Proxac will help.   Adding Lexapro to Wellbutrin filled  most of the icky corners remaining for me.  I don't believe I will ever get RID of my depression, but it is at a level that allows me to accomplish the more socially threatening experiences.  I did recently switch to Aplenzin.  It is the same as Wellbutrin, but with sodium bromide, not chloride. I switched because I wanted to take one pill, not two different pills.


Also, I cannot stress the importance of mindfully working on all of my anxieties, ruminations, negative thinking.  Having years of therapy behind me, it is much easier to tease out those built in pathways that constantly trip me up.  More and more, I am beginning to believe that my dysthymia is totally from my family background, whereas the major depression flowed into the world with me.  This is why being constantly mindful, arranging my life in a way that I can tolerate, helps as much as the meds. 

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The extended release is much better for me than the sustained release, having a once a day dose takes all the ups and downs away that I had on the SR, plus I'm less likely to miss a dose.


You might want to ask your pdoc about your dose - 300 mg is generally considered the therapeutic dose. 

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