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I saw people in the road when I was driving

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I'm definitely in a mixed episode. Today I went from hyper, to sobbing, thinking the world was about to end, to hyper again. This has gone on for over a week. I've never had this experience before so it's all new to me. I started my Lithium again 2 nights ago so I'm waiting for it to kick in.


Tonight I was driving and I kept seeing people standing in the road. Twice, I actually stopped for the "people". It wasn't exactly a hallucination, but more of an illusion. I know a lot of people have trouble driving at night but I never have, and I've certainly never seen pretend people in the road. No driving for me, for awhile. Which is funny because of the thread several days ago about driving, to which I replied I've never had trouble with it.


Has anyone else had this happen? What's causing it and what does it mean?

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I used to regularly see a guy in a tux and a stovepipe hat (think of the type of hat associated with Abraham Lincoln).  I pretty much knew I was the only one that could see him because if others had seen him, I know someone would have said that they saw him.  Since I knew he wasn't real, when I saw him it really wasn't a big deal.  

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I think it is a good idea that you decided not to drive.  It sounds to me like hallucinations that I have had before, just not in front of me when driving or in a car.


I am thinking that maybe your meds might need to be adjusted, and just to wait until the Lithium starts to work to see if things you have been seeing change.

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