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Hey hey I am... me... lol and I have bipolar I disorder and avoidant personality disorder.  There's also more things wrong with me emotionally that I don't think can be diagnosed. I have yet to start therapy but will be calling a therapist tomorrow as therapy-suggested by my psychiatrist. I have a few tics-had them my whole life so it's not tourettes or anything-that run in my family. I tend to get a little bit twitchy when I am excited or very happy and often get the urge to pace-walk/run back and forth across the floor. My favorite flower is the white lily-like my avatar. I like animated films, anime, and animals. And that's all I have to say so... yea.

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Welcome to CB!  Please read the rules when you get a few minutes.  (I ask all of the new people to do that--I'm not singling you out.)


I hope you like it here and enjoy being a part of Crazyboards.



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Hi Bipolar_Flower and Welcome to CB!


My son and husband also pace and have some tics.  Are yours hereditary, by chance?


I hope  you find this to be a supportive, helpful community!

Yea they are. I get them from my dad's side of the family. A few of my little brothers (I have a lot-Whom I don't live with) have them too. And thanks for the welcome! :D

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