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Can Clomipramine (Anafranil) cause Sleep Talking?

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I was put on Clomipramine two and a half weeks ago.  Recently every night I've caught myself gesturing or talking in my sleep.  Nothing violent or scarey and I'm not sleep walking, just lweird little things like lightly kicking, making a hand gesture, once I even chewed on the corner of my pillow (I think I was dreaming about eating).  And I also talk which wakes me up.  This stuff happens during the time right before you start waking up, I don't know if it happens any other time.


Before this I only moved or talked in my sleep rarely, I quess about the frequency "normal" sleeper would have.


This started a few days after I started on Clomipramine, but searching on the internet hasn't brought up anything like this connected to it.

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