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Hi.  This has puzzeled my doctor, neurologist, and myself.  All 3 of us each have different "theories".   I also have a friend with an almost indentitial situation that went diagnosed as "unknown".  This may seem "not serious", but whatever this is could help treat Pure OCD as we both have that as well. 


Whenever you touch any part of my right side of the body, I feel it on the exact opposite side on the left side.  It will literally match it perfectly, even very complex objects.  It does not work as well the further you go away from my brain (i.e my feet).  This makes me think it is a nerve problem.  However, it does not "copy" pain or temperature. Also, my left side of the body functions properly.  At the same time, I also feel itchy like I get the "bugs crawling" on myself which is is very common (if this is considered a tactile hallucination).  Or once again, is this just a sensory nervous system problem?      


As for drug use, I have been on Xanax for severe anxiety, but I had this prior to usage.  Also, if I take a few Xanax it does not go away so it cannot be withdrawal effect. 


As I said before, my doctors and I are not sure. For example, one possible theory is that this is the recently discovered "mirror neurons" which some scientists say do not even exist.  My theory is the most liked at this point in time, but am trying to gather any information that could help.



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Mirror neurons are how we learn to do physical tasks based on visual queues from other primates. I do not see a link but please correct me if I'm wrong as I took neuropsych many years ago now.

Agreed 100%.  That was my neurologist theory and when he told me I thought he was just saying that to "lie" and not tell me that it was actually probably a halluncination.  Once I told him my theory that it is probably an overactive mesobolic dopamic brain circuit, he kind of agreed. 


The copy thing I believe is just a nerve problem. It is hard to explain over typing without being in person, but I thought of it when I was driving today. 

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