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Broke and need Cymbalta assistance but have high deductible insurance

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I pay $200/month for BCBS PPO insurance with a $500 pharmacy deductible and $5,000 treatment deductible. After the $500 pharmacy is met I still have to pay $40x2 for a months worth of Cymbalta. But I cannot work due to my nerve pain and am running out of money. I looked at Lilly Assist but since I have private insurance, I wouldn't meet the requirements. Also, my pain does not "show up" on any tests it is called central sensitization and I think it's hard to get unemployment in these cases. Do I have any other options? Can I just make up a white lie and say I don't have insurance, would they even know? Thanks.

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I have run across some pharamceutical companies that say if you have insurance but are low income, you can still apply for their assistance program. It might be worth a shot to call up Lilly Assist and see what they say!


I feel ya on the high deducitble...ours isn't that high but it's up there. Makes things difficult.

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Hello, welcome to CB. I have the same problem. I have insurance that tiers Cymbalta so that the copay is more than $100USD/month. It is a very good med for me both on the antidepressant front and for chronic pain. I am beginning the weaning process as I cannot afford that copay along with other meds.


I do not qualify for Lily Assist, damn it.

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