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300mg zoloft..is it ever prescribed?

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According to the PI sheet (https://www.ebs.tga.gov.au/ebs/picmi/picmirepository.nsf/pdf?OpenAgent&id=CP-2010-PI-04887-3 - Australian PBS) the maximum recommended dose is 200mg. No studys have been done at doses above 200mg and the side effects are unknown - It is not recommended that you go above those doses. However, it is not unknown for people to be prescribed doses above the maximum. Not unknown, but exceedingly rare.

Furthermore, to get higher doses you would have to have the doctor agree to prescribe said doses, and the majority will not.

In any case, it basically comes down to talking to your doctor about it, The worst they can say is no.

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My doc well several wanted to go higher then 200. I went to 250 ay one time but, no higher. Um, it's strange how you said you took 300-400 mg's and felt it instantly. Most the time it takes time even when you have bumped it up and being on it for awhile.

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Doctors have only ever wanted to go up to 200 mgs for me which is what I'm on now. I also think its weird that you would get an instant high from it, I know for some people it takes a couple months before they even notice anything. I'm not sure that you're supposed to be feeling "happy as hell" on Zoloft anyway. It's not a drug to get high off of (and I didn't realize it was possible - but I do see you're bipolar and I know SSRIs can stimulate mania).

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I'm at 200mg zoloft and my pdoc will not go any further.


I've been on other meds where the pdoc did go further than what was recommended and it was definitely beneficial.


What I'm concerned about is the OP saying they abused it? I don't know if Im allowed to write how it could be abused....but Im thinking not orally. And why aren't you on it now?



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