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You are now mucking about with three different meds.

You need to consider that Wellbutrin can increase plasma concentrations of Inderal,  Seroquel may increase possible hypotensive effects of Inderal...

[so if you are changing dosages of wellbutrin, you might need to alter the inderal, but not sure how much- your doctor would be helpful on this.]

Also... You have the added factor of  APs + Wellbutrin could possibly lower seizure threshold. 

and you are doing something illegal... 

You have a lot of meds going on and your doc only knows half the story.

What do you tell her?

Why you started taking it, why you kept taking it, and why you would like to still take it, legally.

People get into situations where they have no health insurance and can't afford a psychiatrist or the right medication or any doctor at all and order medications from other countries.  Yes, it does happen.

That doesn't mean it is a good thing- and since you have a doctor now, please tell her and be open with her. 

You are right to be concerned about interactions- she also has at her disposal what she has seen in her other patients.

It would be safer for you and helpful for her.


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Hey all,

For over a year I have been taking Inderal 10-20mg as needed for panic attacks and nervousness.

Inderal? The beta blocker? Normally used to treat high blood pressure. I took it in much larger doses as prophylasxis for migraine, many moons ago, when dinosaurs roamed...

It you fess up to your pdoc, you'll likely get something more appropriate for panic/anxiety anyway.


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Tell your pdoc!!

You cannot get the best possible care if your pdoc doesn't have all the information. In order to really help you, she has to know all the things that are going on -- including this.

By not telling her, you're only hurting yourself.

Tell your pdoc!!


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