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I've been on 200mg of Seroquel nightly for about a week now, and as I was having dinner this evening, I noticed a tremor in my hands whenever I'd pick up my fork. I put the fork down and watched my hands for a bit and they still had a light tremble. I'm not dropping things; it's not hard to pick things up or let them go. I'm mostly posting because I know tardive dyskinesia is a possible permanent side effect of taking Seroquel. I was warned by pdoc to watch for odd muscle movements and although hand tremors aren't mentioned specifically as a symptom of dyskinesia, I suppose it's possible.

I'm wondering if I'm just being paranoid--don't most people tremble just a little bit? But I noticed it completely out of the blue, so it has me worried. Has anyone else experienced this as a symptom on Seroquel? Should I be worried enough to give pdoc a call? I have a tdoc appt. tomorrow and I plan to mention it then (tdoc works closely with pdoc). 

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