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So I picked up my script of ritalin and ofcoase I mean the generic and usually they give me the generic but they gave me methylin and I looked on the pill indentifier and it says this is a brand name for this drug. Now I'm confuse. I know Concerta and Ritalin are brand names but How is this a brand name?

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I did some digging around on Google.  Methylin and Ritalin contain the same active ingredient.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylphenidate


Ritalin is manufactured by Novartis for the US, and Methylin is produced by Shinogi Inc., which seems to be marketed more for kids.


I think Concerta gets to be a brand name (same active ingredient) because it is marketed as an extended release version, which gives it a new patent.  Methylin may have gotten to be a brand name because of it's apparent "chewable" form and as an oral solution (according to their website).  The Wikipedia article referenced above for Methylphenidate says that Methylin is both a generic and a brand name drug?  That part is confusing to me, but like I already speculated, I think it has to do with Methylin being in the chewable form/oral solution (which would give it a new patent), and meanwhile, if they continue to make a traditional pill form, it would be considered a generic.


There's a whole list of threads on it here:  http://www.addforums.com/forums/archive/index.php/f-263.html

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Methlyn is brand but it uses the generic form of methylphenidate.  The way I understand it, they've changed the method of delivery. If they do that, then they can patent the delivery method and it then becomes a brand name medication.  From what I see, the patent doesn't expire until 2024.

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