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Saphrin really helps but insurance won't cover it

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Has anyone else had this problem? I've been trying for several years to get something to work and haven't had much luck until I was prescribed Saphris relatively recently. It's been almost a wonder drug for me, even though I'm not yet at the therapeutic dose. I would be at the correct dosage if my insurance didn't decide to be butts and deny the prior authorization. I'm really upset about this. I can't afford this medication but it's the only thing I've found that works. I've been on most of the other drugs, and they all turn me into a zombie, this one doesn't and I'm actually able to function like a somewhat normal human being, but now I can't have it either? Frustrated.... any advice?

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here is the link for the program through Merck..you can apply online I think. I requested an application (was hoping to start saphris and wanted all the info I could have) to be mailed to me though. I have rx insurance and I read on the site that if you fall under certain income guidelines, you can qualify for their program still.



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I get patient assistance from Merck for my Saphris.  I got the papers from Merck's site, the counseling center sent the papers in with my proof of income and it was approved quite quickly, fortunately, especially considering the cash price for this stuff.  (You'd think with what they charge for it, they could make it NOT taste like ass!)


I would definitely check into getting the assistance from Merck.  The paperwork wasn't hard at all, so it's worth a go - especially if your insurance denies it, it can't hurt to try.

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