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had a revelation!

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Okay when I accepted God's salvation in 06. Iasked Him and believed He would bring back with my ex....Now this is where it sounds manic. I was telling anybody that I was going to be a preacher with no doubt and I was going to be with my ex. I claimed it for 2 yr's until I decided to call her mom and figure out she wasn't expecting me to come to her and everything I ever believd in was for nothing. For 2yr's I said she knows that we are going to be together and when it all failed I sunk into a deep depression. I knew I had to get help. The manic mixed in with this nutty delusion was so high and I mean a natural high that I thought God was producing...Got me so far. The thing is. I was working. Putting all my money in the bank and never using it. I was sharp and I just focus on one goal and that was to go to school and be with Anna and preach. So I didn;t have sleep problems since I liked to dream back then. and I was just on a mission. So I found out the truth. went to the pdocs. They said they think I have just anxiety. But I was first put on risperdal. Then a month later the Pure O hit if thats what you want to call it or I was seriously fearing I was a pedophile. Got on prozac and then zoloft. And that started the train to this cocktail of meds I use just to function...So with my idea of a perfect life which I believed with all my heart and soul....Was a manic delusion...and it all makes sense now how everything just crashed.....man!

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