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Dexadrine + Wellbutrin+Starving

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I'm having such a hard time with this right now.


I think I'm going to have to stop taking my meds. I see my doctor on Tuesday. Ever since my concussion they aren't doing it for me anymore anyway because I can't focus for shit even with the pills.


With these two meds I literally am starving myself. Not on purpose at all, but I can't eat. Last month my doc was like- oh well try full fat yogurt. But that isn't cutting it, at all. I can FEEL my body screaming out for nutrients and I am running on fake stimulant induced energy, in reality I am tired and have been sick over and over and over again. I keep having anxiety breakdowns because with the concussion and the lack of energy going to my brain I can't even handle my shit anymore.


It wasn't like this when I started.



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It gets better over time.


Stuff like Balance Bars and Slimfast are your friend.  carnation instant breakfast.   Just eat enough during the day to keep your blood sugar from bottoming out or else you'll really feel it when the stims wear off.  Eat a big breakfast and a big dinner and what you can in between.


I do remember a time when I had to force myself to choke down double cheeseburgers to not lose weight while on stimulants.  Those days are long gone.


I wouldn't recommend doing so without your pdoc's OK, but this is a potential application for medical marijuana if it doesn't make any of your other symptoms worse. 


How much time passed between your starting treatment with stimulants and your concussion?  It's common to need to increase your dose a time or two before settling into your final dose.

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For me, Dexedrine was the stimulant that curbed my appetite the most. My Pdoc had me do a protein shake for lunch and then if it was still bad at dinner, make sure to eat AT LEAST a small piece of carbohydrate. 


Maybe switching to Adderall or Vyvanse for the short term might be an option since those drugs include parts dextroamphetamine? Sorry if you already tried this, I'm not familiar with your history. I hope you work something out, I totally understand how not eating on stims can definitely do a number on mood and concentration.

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Breakfast drinks, cup-a-soups, small snacks to nibble on throughout the day. Try to eat more before the AM dose of the stim kicks in.

VE's right about the attempt for a med. Marijuana license, buuut knowing where you (we) live it's not very likely you could get one OR if you could that there'd be any centres to get that particular script filled. Our province really sucks that way.

Oh, multivatiamins are REALLY helpful too when you have this issue. But yeah definitely talk with pdoc.

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Alright..... Sorry for dropping all that and disappearing.


Had a doctors appointment and got a med tweak- rather peculiar twist, it's not the dexedrine that was causing it. We dropped the wellbutrin and I can eat again. My appetite lowers a bit when I take the dexedrine, but it's mostly superficial. I don't feel hungry- but I CAN eat. Everything came to a head when I had a panic attack and started crying after watching a documentary about nutrition and how we're all eating tons but getting no nutritional value out of it. I lost it and went to the doctor and got it switched, and things are coming back together again. My moods have been a bit rocky, but not unmanageable.


Seriously though, my brain was not working properly at all "I keep having anxiety breakdowns because with the concussion and the lack of energy going to my brain I can't even handle my FUKUISAURUS anymore." I have no fucking clue what I was attempting to say there. Zero idea what Fukuisaurus is or could possibly be alluding too.


Glad to have my mind back.

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