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Ok here's the dealio.

Seroquel helps me sleep and with current mixed mood state. It is PRN up to 300mg a day which I have been taking.

Abilify is the only med that allowed me to get my life back after being placed on a long term psych ward and I finally was able to leave the hospital because of the miracles it worked for me. 40mgs.

Latuda is new. But I recently tried going off of it only to become batshit. 80mgs.

How the hell? I don't even want to be taking two AAP's. I don't know what to do.

I'm currently without a pdoc.

Is that way way way too many AAP's?

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What works for you may not work well for some people and unfortunately this may be your current cocktail. At some point I was taking Zyprexa, Navane and Seroquel and that was what worked for me. At the time, I took that alongside topamax and lithium and that's what "managed" my schizoaffective. 


Don't get discouraged. Sometimes you have to try them for a good while and then then switch, or find a good one and take another at a lower dose to achieve the best cocktail. 


I have faith in you.

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I'm confused.  You have one doctor that is prescribing three AAPs and he/she isn't a pdoc?  That's rather unusual. Most docs that aren't pdocs will maybe give you an AD.  Having one that gives you three AAPs is very, very rare.  


You need a pdoc.  You need someone that knows exactly what they're doing when it comes to helping get you stable.  Taking three AAPs isn't unheard of but it isn't common either.  


Get a pdoc.  Soon.


Update: I was writing while you were explaining.  Find a new pdoc ASAP.  

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I've been on 2 AAPs for a while now. I wouldn't go switching meds without seeing a pdoc, but if he thinks it may benefit you, then I'd stick with it until you find a new pdoc.

I'm in the process of finding a new pdoc too, and I'm just letting my current one continue my current cocktail. It's not very effective, but I have no sensible choice (quitting the meds is not a choice, been there, done that) until I get a pdoc who listens to me. Hopefully you can find one soon!

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I use the county system and they are in the process of hiring a new pdoc. I was supposed to rely on my tdoc until she decided to quit too.

I guess I will have to wait until they hire a new pdoc to have him or her look at my meds. I'm supposed to talk to the psych nurse if I have problems and she will consult with a different pdoc at the county or I am supposed to go to the ER. Well that's all fine and dandy but I don't think I'm severe enough for the ER but I do need a pdoc and my psych nurse is well, not really listening to my concerns. Plus some pdoc that I've never seen before face to face or even directly spoken to is supposed to manage my meds until they get a new pdoc for me? Seems outrageous.

The seroquel is PRN but I had been taking it lately for sleep and mood. I stopped the seroquel PRN today because I do not feel comfortable taking three AAP's and because I'm afraid of gaining weight. I should say even more weight. I had only been taking it for about a week.

Oh and get this, I'm supposed to wait until they hire a new tdoc too. I'm supposed to keep in contact with a case worker. Wtf? A case worker is not a trained tdoc. I just don't feel comfortable with any of this.

I apologize that this is getting off topic. I wish I could afford a private pdoc and tdoc.

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The private system isn't always much better. I have a 5 week wait to get in with another pdoc, because they're scarce in my area. There is a large mental health group in my area, but it's staffed with about a dozen residents and one attending. This is my last resort, I'd much rather see someone with more than a couple of years experience. The only other group in my area only sees patients with BCBS (which I have) but they don't take my policy. My choices are about a half-dozen (non-resident) sole-practitioner pdocs, and I live in a metro area of 600k. Only 1 takes my insurance, and that's the one I'm waiting to see.

However, there are a ton of tdocs in the area that are covered, just not the one I've seen for 4yrs.

In short, screw you BCBS.

I've never had to deal with the public health system personally, but I read the anecdotes here and I can't imagine having no choice over who I see.

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I can relate to the county system. Been forced to be on and off it for a while now, and right now they're only 'allowing' me to see a nurse practitioner. I asked to see an actual doctor, was referred, got a call from - another NP. If it's not criminal it should be.

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