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Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells last forever.

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<tips hat>

Hi to everyone.   :)


I joined yesterday. I was amused when the registration asked me what the board discusses and I typed in “mental illness”, which it rejected. I then tried “mental health” – rejected again. Read the user agreement again. No clue, I mean it was obviously MI, so WTF? About to give up, made one last-ditch attempt: “nipple clamps” – and I was in! Nice one. :)  Must really keep out the spammers.

I’m female, 51 years old, BP1, on the meds in my sig below. I came here from CrazyMeds. I am also a mod on another mental health support forum, but it has very few hardcore crazies and sometimes you just need the company of your own kind. Besides, I could never make a comment like that there.


I have a long psychiatric career (as one pdoc put it) since my first suicide attempt in my early 20s. Was dx’ed MDD for 20+ years, on and off meds, never went to pdocs when I felt great, so the ups were missed. The BP dx was tried on at one stage but ditched in favour of BPD; which was overturned by the next tdoc, then it was back to just MDD. I believe I was BP2 from the outset but that was back in the 80s before BP2 had made it into the DSM, and then after the manic episode in the locked ward, BP1 it was. I was 47.

I am now stable, after a depression of several years, then the mania, followed by a really brutal depression, with mixeds thrown in there too, in the last 4 years. (Well, I was in hospital 6 months ago but that was due to a little lapse in judgment which we will just gloss over for now :wall: ).

I have a lot of regrets because of the late dx and two failed marriages, but two wonderful, now adult, daughters, one of whom is on an AD for MDD, with an MS to cover it, in case she is BP too. (Gotta love the alphabet soup, no-one on my other forum would have a clue what all that means). My father was alcoholic and very likely undx’ed BP; the wonders of genetics. I have a Swiss-cheese CV; some of the gaps I could cover up with “full-time mom” but these days I can’t, they are just holes.

I am an RN but unemployed – could not handle the stress of my last job and quit 9 months ago. (I had some unpleasant colleagues and the atmosphere was a relapse looking for a place to happen.) My mom helps me get by financially, which I am ashamed of but it’s the current status quo. I am now studying while out of work.

I am very asocial, to my own detriment, as the solitude at home is bad for me. I have loads of acquaintances, but very few friends I can count on in times of trouble – ie, no support system. My safety net is flimsy, but at least has a tdoc and pdoc.

If you made it this far, you deserve a medal! Thanks for listening.

Humour is my favorite defense mechanism. I hope I can contribute something here.

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Hi Luna and Welcome to CB!  We ask everyone to take a look at the User Agreement just to make sure we're all on the same page :)  : http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/6642-user-agreement-updated-28th-sept-2012/


I'm glad you found us.


I hope you find the information and support you're looking for.

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Thank you, Phoenix_Rising. :)

I read it and am fine with it. I'll be good; haven't been kicked off or warned on any other forum. I am probably overly law-abiding, although I have had a speeding fine and a parking ticket. For a petty speed and an expired meter.  :)


Can one post pictures here, or is it not allowed?

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Thanks Indigo. :)

I have a blog on my other forum, so not sure I can keep up two, but maybe...


It's my first day here and I have already raked up 12 posts. When I am manic I post any- and everywhere, so maybe I should watch out a bit. Then again, I've been on the computer the entire day today. Not good.

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