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Feelings of life is pointless?

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The issue is that life IS pointless, it has no inherent meaning other than the meaning of existence, which is only to exist.  Like a cloud, it coalesces for a while, it is there, and then it dissipates and isn't there.  If you want more meaning to life than that, you must make that extra meaning yourself.


Remember that There Is No Spoon.  It is only an object you think of as a spoon.  As soon as you bend your thinking of what that thing is, you can make it into something else.

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Hey everyone,


I'm just wondering how to deal with these thoughts of "life is pointless" and has anyone had these thoughts before & how did they cope with them.





I'm sorry. I have these feelings and they are awful.   Phoenix's suggestions work for me as well. And sometimes just getting up and moving my body around helps somewhat.


Knowing that this is my depression talking also helps.  One day my life is wonderful - my family, my work, my art.  The next day it is all pointless. I am a horrible person, can't do anything, useless to my family.  This is clearly my illness talking.  It has nothing to do with my life at all.  That is so evident.  


When it gets very bad, particularly when it is dark outside, I often crawl into bed and read.  This has been a successful coping mechanism for me my whole life.  Finding a safe place comfortable place to hide and just be.  That is so important.  Whether it is your bedroom, living room, closet, it doesn't matter.  Somewhere you can setup a space that can calm and soothe you while in this state.  It doesn't always help, nothing always helps, but having certain plans, tricks or arrangements when I am down that dark black rabbit hole is very very important.


Another factor is the people around you.  Are they helping or making it worse?  It took years, but i finally taught my hubby what to do.  He cannot 'save' me, that is what took the longest to convince of. And it is NOT my choice to go to that dark place.  It is my illness.  Now when he sees me hiding in the bedroom, he'll walk in and give me a hug and say "I love you and everything will be alright".  Sometimes I might respond "NO it won't!" Or sometimes I might not answer at all.  But knowing that he understands and will not abandon me in my misery, keeps me alive and sane.


Hope this helps.  Just know you are not alone.  This is an on going process process in my life, battling my demons.  Some people may be able to say, of course life has no meaning, like my hubby. but he is talking about something completely altogether different.  An intellectual, mind knowledge, not the black awful sludge of depression.

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When I am at my lowest, I try to remind myself of the times when life didn't feel so pointless.  I'll look at photographs, spend time with family, go to a favorite safe place, cuddle with my cat, or read some favorite quotations.  I aim to feel connected to people or nature in some way, even if only for a moment.


Sometimes I just accept the fact that "today everything feels pointless," and try not to make sense of life and existence right then and there.  It is like putting the search for meaning on hold until I have more strength or insight or hope.


You aren't alone.  I hope you are able to create some meaning for yourself.

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Distraction, distraction, distraction.

If I can't resolve life's pointlessness with being alive I try to think of something else. Distraction is an artform. I am currently learning to identify novel and tested and true ways of distracting myself. I've made a list and try to refer to it as often as I can so I'm building a new habit of shifting the focus from my internal mind to the external world.

Somethings I have on my list are chores, some are positive self talk and some are leisure, eg)

- give yourself permission to have a great day

- problem-solve with a friend or family member

- write that difficult email/ make that difficult phone call

- work on a recipe book or photo album

- plan. scheme. dream. allow yourself to create plans and goals for the future

These kinds of lists are very individual but you get the idea :).

If you're feeling really low it would be a good idea to talk to a counsellor/therapist so you can express what you're feeling and get a new perspective on the situation.

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I'm just wondering how to deal with these thoughts of "life is pointless" and has anyone had these thoughts before & how did they cope with them.


There's a pretty good chance that anyone who is at all aware and at all thoughtful has had at least one bout of this, 

C. S. Lewis was shocked to discover people existed for whom the possibility of pointlessness had never even arisen.


Answers range from finding a refutation to pointlessness: a conviction of an overall purpose to an individual life and to human life in general, as held out by a diversity of religions and philosophies...

...to accommodating the possibility (or firm conviction!) that life is fundamentally pointless by generating ones own point, meaning,or purpose.


If life is, individually and collectively "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing" then how should one behave?

Getting depressed and doing nothing doesn't seem a great option.  Time will still tick by in our one shot of experiencing life.

Ice cream tastes good.  Good moments are nice to have.   I think I'll have a few more.

Pretty basic, but definitely not without point.


If life is truly absurd, wallowing in existential despair is no more or less absurd than going to see a movie.

( I did enjoy the reasonably absurd "Red" on television last night.  Helen Mirren in an evening gown firing a .50-calibre machine-gun will stay with me for a little while.)

Personal purposes can go "higher":   The individual who might come close to being my guru, at least my inspiration, thought his life's work was about putting smiles on other people's faces.  That does me pretty well.


A starting point?



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Guest Vapourware

The issue is that life IS pointless, it has no inherent meaning other than the meaning of existence, which is only to exist.

Good way of putting it. Sometimes it helps me to go with that thought. It empowers me in a way because I know life is what I make, and for a lot of it, I'm in control. For me, part of my feelings of discontentment and feelings of pointlessness is feeling as though I have no control over my life. 

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I feel this alot too and it's my depression talking.  I'm sure that if I didn't have support like my mom, and worry about my dog, that I would act on those feelings...but I'm lucky that I have things/people to think about that keep me grounded somewhat.

There's a really great book that you might like...it's about mindfulness and how you can allow these thoughts to just 'be' and pass through...I'll check the name when I get home cuz I can't think of it (benzo issue lol)...I actually bought it twice because I lost the original when I moved back to the states, and I wanted to re-read it (which I never normally do)....

I def think you should see a Dr about your depression...Maybe a medication would help? I personally won't take them but if I get worse I won't have a choice...I'm trying the excercise more and sleep better routine.

Plus, the people here are really nice and have some great points--They're always super helpful!!

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One of the keys for me is to remember that most of the good in the world comes from thinking about other people as opposed to yourself. Easier said than done when you are battling the beast. Still, it can help if you remember to give out some simple sincere kindnesses to people. That can help you get out of the rut of not seeing the good around you even though it is always there. It is just behind the curtain of this beast we are whittling down to size.

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When I'm at the beach, I like building walls to hold back the waves. Every night the high tide will completely wash them away.

The next day, I will build walls again, because . . . I like doing it.


As it is at the beach, it is in life.

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