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code 350 wellbutrin?

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I live in Ontario, Canada and my pdoc just prescribed me wellbutrin. On the paper, she wrote in brackets, 'code 350' because, in her words, "We're not using this to lose weight." Can someone please explain to me what this means? I know she's not allowed to give me a placebo but that's my thought with the stupid code. 

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I've never heard of this.  I know of people starting on Wellbutrin at 150mg, and going up to 300, and I've known a few people who were upped to 450 because of serious, chronic depression.


I would take the script to the pharmacy, and ask the pharmacist what it means.


I wish Wellbutrin made you lose weight---I've been on it for 5 or 6 years, and I have a constant struggle with my weight.



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