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Just crappy sleep

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Okay, where to begin with the sleep problems?



First, I believe I have "Exploding Head Syndrome". When I try to sleep, I hear a loud "BANG!" see a flash of light and normally take in a very sharp and painful gasp of air. It takes about ten minutes for  my heart rate to go back down.



Before bed I can't calm down, I'm pretty sure that's the PTSD. It gets really out of control at night, and makes sleep nearly impossible. 



Nightmares, nightmares nightmares nightmares! I have nightmares a lot, and they are vivid. Color, sounds, feelings, smells. It's intense. Sometimes my anxiety meds make my nightmares worse sometimes. 


I'm scared of the dark, and it makes it hard to sleep at night. I keep my light on, but always look around in fear that there is something there. 




Has anyone had any success with any kind of medication or therapy? I want to sleep like a "normal" human.

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I'm sorry you aren't sleeping well.  Prazosin is sometimes prescribed off-label for PTSD, and may help with the recurring nightmares.  Do you have a tdoc?  A good tdoc could help you process your memories and work through the trauma.  I hope somebody else will come along with more suggestions.  I'm thinking of you.

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lifequake has great suggestions.


Another small thing I would add is breathing.  Make sure you are taking nice, deep inhalations and big exhalations.  You can say phrases on the inhale/exhale if you like, such as "peaceful (inhale), "sleep (exhale).  


Would it help to have music playing?  I often am scared of the dark and quiet, so I use a nightlight and a fan and/or the tv/radio.

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Thank you guys! I like the inhale/exhale idea, and I will def. talk to my tdoc and pdoc about it! I will also look into the book. 


I've been sleeping on the couch with my iPod as of lately. I've not slept in my room for about three nights now. 

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Your meds may be having an effect - might be worth checking with your pdoc.  When I started Lamictal I had wake-up-screaming nightmares, which I haven't had since I was a toddler.  At the time I was also on 450 mg of Wellbutrin, so the pdoc dialed the WB back to 300 mg, and the problem was solved.  I'm not sure what other med combos don't play well in terms of sleep problems, but I'm sure there are others.

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