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Here's the deal (not to sound harsh): You can either lecture me or you can help me figure out what to do as psychiatrist wasn't much use. Also its a long story and I can't edit well right now.

Diagnosis: Depression, GAD, lack of focus, OCD. Drugs: Klonipin, Paxil, Lamictal, at night. Nuvigil and a small dose of Klonipin in the morning


I am a student who lives on campus and goes home for the weekend to work (long story). I was rushing around getting ready to go home earlier than planned on Thursday and was trying to clean up my room while packing. Late at night on Thursday after coming home I noticed I couldn't find my drugs and since I was exhausted I just decided to forgo the search and just slept without taking any of them.


Friday wasn't too bad.I jetted back to school after my 9-5 shift convinced they were there, but I couldn't find them so I came to the sad conclusion that I probably threw them out by accident. I had two options: Spend the weekend trying to track down my prescriber, or wait until Monday when I saw him to get new scripts and advice on how to get back on all of them. Just to be clear: I knew what I was doing was possibly very dangerous and swore that I would call for help if needed.The main consequence was I could function at my job but when I returned to campus on Saturday night I had a hard time stringing thoughts together for school work purposes. There was also the crazy in-depth dreams and fear that I sounded as weird as I felt.


Here's the worst part: My psychiatrist didn't treat it as a big deal. I couldn't describe how looney tunes I felt and he didn't ask for details. When he found out I was off Paxil cold turkey and since it wasn't helping before the withdrawal he decided not write me a new script and told me to call him if I thought I needed one. He also did something with my Klonipin I don't quite understand as all I was thinking was how to get out and to a drug store with the new scripts. My heart was racing so I took a klonipin before my evening class that put me to sleep not long after I came home and I just barely remembered to take Lamictal at 2 AM.


It is Tuesday morning and I feel like I am in La La Land.  I can barely remember things and how serious the consequences are if I don't do them. I am registered with department of disabilities but my question is: How do I explain to teachers I didn't get things done because I was acting stupid and careless? Especially ones who have already been extremely lenient. I feel like I am taking advantage of them. Calling my therapist seems like a no-brainer but I don't know what to say. I know this is a lot to dump on a group of strangers but I really don't know who else to talk to beside professionals. I am too embarrassed by my foolishness to talk to friends and classmates who are wondering about why I am struggling so hard this semester.

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Okay, well if your registered with disability services than surely your pdoc will write you a non - revealing sick certificate for the required days. Especially as this was an accident. The note that your pdoc would write wouldn't say why, and I don't see why your tutors would ask as it's really not their business what kind of 'sick' you where, all they can accept is a relevant sick note. Please try and not beat yourself up over this. Maybe next time is it possible when you get your meds to remember to bring some home? That way you won't get caught out with the whole remembering to pack it thing. I'm sorry your pdoc didn't treat it as a big deal, that must have been distressing. Maybe he didn't fully grasp how distressing it was. If I where you I would call him and explain your situation and how you feel that it affected you. I hope it turns out well.

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For future reference (in case this happens again) you can go to the ER and get a short term script (like, about 48 hours) for the missing meds if you explain why they are missing.


Liboo has a really good idea. Since you're registered with disability services, use their services. That's what you registered for.

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I would get back on the Lamictal as soon as possible.  And you might need to taper up a bit.

this is really a situation where I would be leaning on my doctor to advise me - and just doing an abrupt

stop of the Paxil is not too wise..


Be assertive and ask  your doctor for what you need.

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I second the advice of the others.  Be firm with your pdoc that you are suffering.  If s/he does not help then go to an E.R.  You shouldn't have to suffer like this.


BTW: even without your admonishment I doubt anyone here would have given you shit.  I'll bet that most everyone has accidentally thrown away their meds at one time or another.  I know I have!

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Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. I put a call in to my doctor and I'm working through it. It also helped that I managed to get in to see my therapist today for advice on what to say when I called. I also feel a lot better simply from getting things done. 


I think the most important thing for anyone who is going through some sort of ordeal is to know is this: You are not alone. There are people in this world who care. I think it makes all the difference and that is why I like to seek advice here in addition to my standard support system.

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Oh goodness that sucks. I went home for a week and did not fill my tray enouph and forgot two days of meds. It was not fun, I can't imagine not knowing where they where though. I'm glad you got to a start of a resoulution.

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      Doctor has me on
      200mg Lamictal [100mg bid]
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      I've put on 10-ish pounds or so in a month, and I'm not thrilled. I asked my doctor for a Metformin Rx to help with the metabolic side effects. She was hesitant, but agreed I may need something and actually leaned more towards Topamax instead. She wants me to try 1 more month of dieting and exercise to see if I can manage without adding another med.
      Now I'm leaning towards Topamax, since maybe it could have mood stabilizing properties to it, in addition to curbing appetite and helping me lose weight. I'm not overweight by any means, but I'm definitely hyper-vigilant about my body and tend to...obsess. 
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      Hi everyone. I’ve been bouncing from one trial of medication to another for the past 4 1/2 years with adverse reactions. Nothing has helped. I just saw a new psychiatrist on Monday. An older gentleman who actually seemed to listen. He was also a longtime professor our local university. 
      My symptoms are treatment resistant insomnia, chronic, severe anxiety, chronic derealization, ocd (pure o) racing, intrusive thoughts (often presenting as songs looping in my head, but a switch can also go off in my head where I obsessively think about something to the point of it driving me crazy)  brain fog, depression. My body and brown simply will not turn off. I’m stuck in constant fight/flight.  I believe the lack of sleep is the catalyst for most of this (all of this started after sudden onset of insomnia) Maybe it wouldn’t go away with sleep, but I know it would get better. My main goal is sleep, but seems unattainable after 4 1/2 years.
      I have tried every medication under the sun (well, mostly) 
      The doctor decided to prescribe provigil (modafinil) which seems counterintuitive to me. He was clear that it could go either way. Possible that it could calm me down, possible that it could let me up and make my symptoms worse. 
      Luckily for me, since I am highly sensitive to medication, he is quite conservative  and said to only start with roughly 1/16 of a pill to see how I do. 
      Wondering what your thoughts are on this given my symptoms? Seems counterintuitive...but maybe it will help. So confused. 
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