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Australia -Too much of a fare go?


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It seems that punishing criminals does NOT work in aus so they give lighter sentences?

Just the other night on the news an ex-army man who has been bashing different women for the last 20 years just seems to get a slap on the wrist after each time he gets caught.

Interestingly enough 2 years before he joined the army he was convicted of such crimes against women and was still let in. Now he is a lethal weapon and is still abusing innocent women.

How can the army have such knowledge of his crimes and let him join up anyway. Giving him more knowledge and skills?

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Guest Vapourware

There are many loopholes in the legal system. That's what lawyers are basically trained to do - to interpret the law to the advantage of whom they are representing. Which is why sometimes people seem to leave court with light sentences.


The legal system is very complicated. It's not just the law, but everyone connected to a case. The police have to make sure their evidence is gathered correctly and investigations are done properly. Lawyers have to make sure they are correctly interpreting the law. The court has to be fair and just - and how "fairness" and "justice" is determined legally may not always be the same as how society would determine it. 


So it's really too broad to think that Australia is giving out lighter sentences to criminals. That's really not what's going on. 


Are there deficiencies in the legal system? Always. Society is constantly shifting and legislation tend to lag behind the latest societal trends. Does it mean that sometimes people get off on what appears to be light sentences? Yes. Does it reflect the legal system's attitude on crime and violence? No. 

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