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quetiapine generic seroquel 100mg

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So i'm taking 100mg seroquel have been for maybe two and half years now. lately my anxiety hasn't gotten worse to the point my stomach clenchs up and i almost faint. Now when i take the seroquel at night my heart starts racing till the point it feels like it's going to explode, also my nerves feel like their on fire and i get this burning feeling in the back of my throat. i see a lot of people are taking seroquel to help sleep at night also so i was wondering if anyone else had these issues. also I'm taking 20mg citalopram generic celexa at night so i don't know if the meds are counter acting each other?

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Sometimes I feel weird at night when I take it - like dizzy, and hot and kind of gross. I always assumed that it was dropping my blood pressure.

If you are having intolerable side effects or this is new and worrying you, you should give your doctor a call.

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I've had those symptoms and d/c'd Seroquel because of it, but I'd try it again.

Hopefully those symptoms will go away. I'm not sure if a benzo would help because of the extra sedation. Are you on XR or IR? XR can be easier because its extended release rather than dumping it all in at once..

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