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Deciding put off how to treat it

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I have been battling depression and GAD for a long time so I have a nice staple of drugs (Lamictal, Klonipin, and Nuvigil for energy in the morning) that kept it in check fairly well. When the OCD started to cause problems my doctor tried a few different things and then settled on Paxil in late January. Even though side effects have been making me miserable, it did seem to help a little so it was decided that I should stick with it.


So I found myself off Paxil by accident (See the cocktail forum for exact details) for a few days and now that I am back to my normal drug routine. Since it was working before the withdrawal my doctor said to stay off it unless I felt significant withdrawal problems. I am still experiencing headaches and slight nausea at times, but honestly I am feeling productive and motivated for the first time in a while. I think I am better off without the drug.


I can feel some OCD impulses returning. I have not gone after the hand sanitizer yet but I keep straightening things when I am excited about things and a few fixations are starting to rear their heads again. 


I don't want to do anything about it with regards to meds right now. I am in school and only have fives weeks left and an enormous backlog of schoolwork partly as a result of trying to adjust to the Paxil. My therapist who I trust more and knows me better, told me to tell my psychiatrist not to put me on anything new until summer. I agree with her. The OCD is mainly an annoyance, that is related to my anxiety. I can take non-medical steps to deter it.


This is extremely case specific and I know it isn't the right move for everyone. I am just so tired of trying to get this OCD treated while juggling school work. I am more concerned about my battle with depression than anything. I guess I want to know if other people have been in similar situations. 

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