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I'm sorry if this is a duplicate post..... I did do the search function for awhile..... but I do have some questions?


I had to get back on zyprexa due to my mondo anxiety and etc., but that won't work for me long term, it just doesn't (weight issues). I really need a daytime AAP that will help me with the anxiety and give me clarity of thought.... Me and pdoc decided on Latuda.... I'm going today to get samples. I have some questions?? To those of you who take latuda (I have to say, the amount of quel I take is really for sleep and not enough to bomb me with the real effects I need from an AAP)....

I really don't eat much breakfast. Or lunch. I'd prefer I can take an AAP in the mornings and not at dinner time (which I guess I will if I have to). I've read that you can effectively double your dose if you take it without much food, is this accurate? Has it worked for any of you?

Is the halflife long enough that I CAN just take it with dinner and have it be working well into the next day..... would this be better?

STUFF to look out for? I've read that akathesia can be a prob, I do have some clondine on hand if needed.... I actually find clonodine rather calming in any case, so I would not be opposed as I am looking for a) mental clarity from paranoid thoughts and b) an anti anxiety effect. I'm not so worried about treating depression (I am not depressed). I just.... Well, I need something zyprexa LIKE.

Would love input from those who've tried latuda.... also, would taking it twice a day be smart, or is that just not necessary? I could see a small dose in the a.m., and a slightly larger dose with dinner f'rinstance?

Is this shit gonna make me manic? It seems to be, from what I've read, either a "wow, this shit is great" experience, or a "no, not seeing much of ANYTHING" experience" and I'm hoping that is so. I can't go manic atm. That would blow.

Also, I'm starting it over my vacation as that seems smart, in case I get Weird Effects....  help me out here?? Any input welcome.

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I took Latuda for 3 months before stopping due to an obscure eps symptom, and I absolutely loved it. You have to take it with food (says the PI sheet) for it to work properly, and it's around 300 calories if I remember right. I found it to be pretty sedating (nothing close to seroquel-level sedation), so I took 40mg at night. I had horrible reflux and nausea for about 3 weeks before it subsided, and some mild akathesia. I actually lost weight on it, unlike every other AAP I've tried.

It has a pretty long half-life, and I found it to be very level once it hit steady-state, no falloff in efficacy. It knocked out my anxiety and I was the most stable and calm I've felt on any AAP. I've never taken Zyprexa, so I can't compare, but I don't know that I would start a new med while on a vacation -- you never know what will happen.

In short, I'm one of those people who absolutely love it. I would be back on it in an instant if I could get my EPS problem under control.

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I don't think it is necessary to take it more than once a day.

I take 80 mg in the morning with breakfast. You need at least 350 calories to go with it.

It does not make me wired nor drowsy. So for me it doesn't matter when I take it.

It didn't help my anxiety but it gives me a clarity of mind as you said.

Why doesn't your pdoc increase your quel during the day if you are mainly needing something for anxiety. Latuda is not indicated for anxiety. Well seroquel isn't either but it tends to help more IME. I hope you don't take what I'm saying to be rude. It's just that my pdoc has taught me that it is better to try a more normal dose of a med than to add a new one every time something pops up. But there is probably a reason why you can't take more seroquel.

Good luck with the latuda! I do hope it works for your anxiety.

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Holy shit.  To update, I don't think I've ever been so in love with a medication (so fast) (even lithium, which has SAVED MY LIFE, but it took some tweaking at first). 

I'm on day 3, and since I know AAPs kick in like, immediately for me, (including side effects)  I'm fairly sure this is going to remain awesome.......  As best I can describe this drug, it's like every good thing about each AAP rolled into one, with no side effects.

I ended up deciding to take my 80 m.g. dose split, with 40 m.g. a.m. and p.m.  I think I just have a THING about taking something in the a.m. and I may or may not be eating enough to absorb it all, but even if my dose works out to 60 m.g. by doing this, since 40 m.g is therapeutic anyways, I'm not too stressed about it.    And it's definitely DOING SHIT, so eh.

Okay, so no sedation, or really the mildest sedation (I was kinda worried I would MISS that, since my wonder drug zyprexa, kind of has a mildly sedating/chill out effect, during the day, but not enough to really impact me other than chilling me out some....), no akathesia, no desire to eat like crazy that I have to fight (though I am still eating just fine, I cannot lose any more weight)  BUT, after being on dep/quel for YEARS with no metformin and then losing 70 lbs (I'm 5'4, this was an achievement) that MATTERS to me, man.  No hint of mania, nothing.

So I thought being sedated was needed, but oooh, not true.  Not when you have this incredible med that does NOT seem to tamp down your emotions really (I still have them) but rather seems to give me this underlying rationality about the whole emotion mess.  It's like I can FEEL a certain way and not act out negatively and think things through...... (my biggest bipolar curse, really, acting out on intense emotions that I just don't NEED or WANT to act out on)..... Is this how normal people feel?  Increased cognitive ability rather than the reverse, a sense of calmness and LACK of anxiety (that also has been a bane recently), and I wasn't depressed before, but I feel even better really (though still having the ability to feel sad, mad, etc....), and just WOW.

Lithium is the sundae, latuda may just be the cherry on top.   The past two days are the best I have felt since dx.   No, I kid you not.   It's rather amazing.   Just keeping my fingers crossed that nothing surfaces but with AAPs  if it's gonna Fuck Me Up, I usually know within the first couple days.......

This med is fucking AMAZING.   And given that I needed something that is just pretty much exactly what I'm getting, I can't say how grateful I am.   It's like..... zyprexa squared with no s.e.'s.  My new favorite med (except that lithium has to take first place as it did save me life.....)

This is freaking GREAT.

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Lol, that's how I felt after about a week on it, which is about when it reaches steady-state. I swear I'm going to find a way to get back on it (and get my SE managed) for the same reasons you love it. Always good to hear another positive Latuda story.

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