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In psychiatry, the term neologism is used to describe the use of words that have meaning only to the person who uses them, independent of their common meaning.[3] This tendency is considered normal in children, but in adults can be a symptom of psychopathy[4] or a thought disorder (indicative of a psychotic mental illness, such as schizophrenia).[5] People with autism also may create neologisms.[6]




Does anyone else do this? I mix up and make up words all the time. I know and have been told it's a symptoms of my SZA. I will be talking and all of a sudden use a random combination of letters or sounds to make up a word but use tone of voice to mostly(?) convey the meaning. I think the meaning is getting across anyways. I'm not sure. I'm too embarrassed to ask anyone about it. Although my husband makes fun of me for it. But then again he doesn't think it's part of a thought disorder; he thinks it's part of my quirkiness I guess.

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I do this, but I realize I'm doing it (usually).  I will spend some serious time googling/using a dictionary to find the word I want.  The only one my husband can think of right now that I didn't seem to intend/realize was "breasticles".  I've also made up the word "fronytail", but according to Urban Dictionary, I was not the first.  I come up with weird names for people as monikers, but that's not exactly what you're talking about.


As later in the Wikipedia article mentions, authors do this shit all of the time, but that's their intent.  I'm gathering from your post that you're not intending this behavior.  Are you actually making up new words or is it more of a "word salad" situation?  I've had both.  I chalk it up to cognitive problems due to my MI.


I find it embarrassing in social situations, but I wouldn't hesitate to talk to my doctor about it.  When it has happened in social situations, and if anyone calls me out on it, I just tell them I'm being Shakesperian and try to roll it off as a joke.

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It doesn't happen often but I sometimes will try to think of the word I have forgotten (forgetting words is something that happens a lot for me) and what will come out isn't exactly what I wanted to say. It might be a word or not, but usually something that sounds similar to what I wanted, unless I have completely forgotten. Though a lot of the time these days I prefer to replace the forgotten words with body language and hand gestures. That is less embarrassing to me.

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i fo yhsy all the time...but i do havee formal though disordere as paort of symptoms presentation, when florid at least, whihc has a lot of options for manifestation and that's one i do for sure accoreing to others' reporting.  i think i'm making totala sense and am flummoxed at the people not responding in aomse, like, 


i see them as non sequitur is what i'm saying.


but in a way i thinks it's bullshit because if i weren't "mentally ill" then i'td be called a portmanteau and some indcation of creativity or ...what's the word i'm lookingt for... innovative...no.  novel thinking. no.  insightful? 


whatever.  the answer its that yes i do that but i do a lot of others stuff and i think that doing just that's prolly insufficient to qualify as exhibiting formal thought disorder. that and i do konw people who do it as well, theneologism portion, and they aren't schizophrenic...most haven't ever been psychotic at all, actually.  so it can just be a proclivity and not everything's a symptom, especially if it exists in a vacuum, s to speak.

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