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Greetings compatriots

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Greeting compatriots


I joined years ago but dont think I ever introduced myself. I have bipolar and a touch of ocd personality. I used to be an attorney but had to stop practicing because of cognitive problems due to decades of untreated bipolar. I am very stable and have been for past 5 years for the first time in decades. I have an english bulldog who is quite the character. His birthday is 4/20 but he is no stoner, just real laid back. Ha. I'm writing my first novel and look forward to connecting with some of you to share stories, tips and laughs. I have aquired some wisdom I can share from dealing with bipolar for a long time but need some help at times also. My user name is too dark/negative but it was apparently my mood when I signed up so I kept it. But I rarely have any rainy days any more. Days of regret and difficulty, maybe clouds but not much rain. And the clouds are usually cirrus or nimbus not black dark clouds ready to burst. Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post. 

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Hi Rainy,


A belated welcome to the boards then. I'm kind of an 'on again, off again' attendee here. I tend to return when things go down the shitter, but sometimes it's just cos I'm bored.


I don't have bipolar but my depression does cycle up and down. Oh, and I have OCD to a degree that it is noticeable (apparently) to others (who think I'm just weird - apparently).


I have a poodle myself and he's my best friend. I don't give him silly haircuts though, just a short back and sides. I like bulldogs but you don't see too many around. My aunt had an English Bull Terrier a long while ago and he was the most MISCHIEVOUS creature I have ever encountered. You could actually SEE the twinkle in his eye as he thought up something new to get in trouble for.




So you take 'saphris'? That's a new one on me. Neato.  I take cipralex and lithium. They usually do a good job. But after so many years of going untreated I think my thought patterns are just too ruined by the depression. I don't think I'll get to be an astronaut anymore.


Anyway. Hi.



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Welcome back, rainy.


Grouse!  Good to see you, too.


This is like a reunion. :)  Anyway, I'm happy to see you both and please contact one of the mods if you have any questions.



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