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Ways to self harm without injury

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I can't not self harm forever. It keeps me sane enough to go on. I feel helpless. Rubber bands and ice and pens are not doing it. But I don't want scars, I have enough of them.

I see tdoc tomorrow, it's my first time driving there, I'm scared I can't do it. But this has been building up for weeks anyway. I need to let it out. Don't tell me scream into a pillow. I have lil ones, can't be scaring them.

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Teacup -- why do you say that you can't not self-harm forever?  There are ways to live life without SH.  It is very hard but it can be done.


I'm not sure you'll find any way to self harm without injury.  Matter of fact, I question whether people around here would even be willing to hazard such a guess.  I think it may violate the terms of use on this site.  Dunno.


In any event, the only thing I can think of is exercise.  Working out until you pass out.  Running is good.  Punching bag is phenomenal.  Racquetball is also sufficiently violent.  Anything that can tire you out.  You can really pour your emotions into it.  It can be one way to relieve those urges or at least tire yourself to the point where you don't presently have the energy to cut.  It also can help replace the dopamine rush one typically gets from self-harm.  Find another way to get that dopamine.  I can't think of any way other than exercise (well at least no healthy way).

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Yeah, I'm sorry that you don't see the ice thing helping you.  Truthfully, that was the only thing that worked for me.  Not only was there pain, but if I held the ice, my hands would also become numb, which made it impossible to cut with any kind of care/control.  It was a short-term "fix" for me while I worked on finding other ways to get my needs met.


Hopefully you'll be able to talk to your therapist about alternate coping methods and really delve in to why you cut.

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Harm reduction is a viable strategy.


I appreciate that you are looking for less harmful alternatives.


The bottom line is that there simply is no such thing as "injury-free self harm".


In order to get the relief you are seeking, your brain and body do a cascade of biochemical changes.

There are other ways to achieve the biochemical changes (face in a bowl full of ice water and intense exercise come to mind).


I hope that you have a useful tdoc meeting and are able to challenge your believe that you "can't not self harm forever."

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I drove to tdoc appointment. I DROVE. His office is about a 25 min drive. I've never driven that far before. So I feel good about that.

I still feel frustrated w husband not being very nice to me lately. We fought last night. Instead of si last night I went and sat in my car, listened to music. Hes going out of town again next week, so I am trying to set up some mommy play dates to keep some company with.

Tdoc made me think about something..he told me every time i decide not to drink or sh on account of the way I'm feeling I am strengthening my emotional muscle to get stronger, but each time I am weakening my emotional vulnerability when I drink or sh feelings away. I don't want to become weaker than I already feel inside. I want to feel strong and gain some this strenght for my self esteem and mostly for my kids.

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Thanks for the update, Teacup!


I'd have posted but all the points I'd have thought of making had been covered already.


But when you came back, you showed that you're doing it right! Keeping busy and doing other things, like listening to music, instead of SI is really good.


Your tdoc is right. Your brain is wired to habit, but once you do something like not drink or not SI then it rewires itself over time. Yes, not hurting yourself or not drinking your feelings away is really hard, but it gets easier. Good work :)

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I'm glad you went.

I don't self harm, but I do have EXTREME emotional painful states at times.

I cannot stress enough the holding the breath with head under ice water trick.  It's amazing.   The quickest way I know to change a state, bar none (including PRNs). Oh, I hate it every time I have to, but I do it.   You have to do it right....  hold breath, and head as far under as you can bear.   Maybe a couple times.


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