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Finally got my meds covered by insurance

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After much fighting with my insurance company, they FINALLY approved my appeal for Saphris. At the same time, after MUCH horrible treatment at the shrink's office (not returning calls, literally saying they'd take care of my needs 'when they got around to it', etc. blah blah) they got off their asses and got me samples for the same med. This is after I was running out and had to taper my dosage because I was not getting help from anyone. It's beyond frustrating dealing with state funded mental health agencies, they can make people MUCH worse by their attitudes and not caring. arghs.

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My last insurance company required physician approval for all AAPs. They would fax a questionnaire that the doctor had to fill out and fax back within (I think) 72h or they automatically declined coverage.. It would then take 2-4 days before they would approve or deny the claim and let the pharmacy know. Lazy doctor = 5-7 days to fill a script, if it was approved. Had a pdoc that wouldn't fill our the forms and therefore all my claims were denied. Needless to say, I switched pdocs, but I ran out of meds.

I have BCBS now and they cover all of the meds without issue, even the expensive ones like Abilify and Latuda. However, their mental health coverage sucks and almost none of the doctors participate in their network, so I'm stuck finding a pdoc that accepts my policy.

In short, the mental health system sucks either way.

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