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Hello all! I'm a 21 year old human of the female variety. I am told that I have major depression and anxiety and rumor has it that I'm mood swingy as well. Been dealing with this (well, not dealing with it and hoping it would go away) for about 4 years now. Somehow my husband has managed to tolerate my brain issues and I'm grateful for that.


I've tried a couple different meds for my issues - Celexa made my insides explode and Paxil just didn't do anything at all aside from make me terrified that if I got pregnant my baby would have gills or something. After my most recent appointment I was given Lamictal, which I started about a half hour ago. I'm already getting phantom itches because my anxiety is apparently shifting into paranoia and causing me to have imaginary symptoms of Lamictal rash. So, that's bad.


I hate talk therapy. I hate pills. But, I hate being a nutbag too so I'm taking my pills and seeing my talky dr anyway.


Yupp. I'm pants at introductions.

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Hi, bajingo, and welcome to our friendly asylum.


I totally understand not wanting to take meds and do therapy, and I think you will find lots of people here who feel the same way.  However, if you find the right combination of meds, it can really make your life so much better.


Please be sure to read the user agreement so you understand how we operate.  Let us know if there is anything you don't understand.



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