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well I don't know who the hell I am

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Hi.  Right now I am a person with a lot of anxiety.  Female.  Aged 48.  Canadian--and no it's not all wilderness or winter all year long (I live in a modern city with a very hot summer).  My gp is sure my anxiety (replete with ocd and depression) is part of some newly discovered bipolar disorder where mania consists of anxiety and ocd, but my psychologist disagrees.  He says it's simply depression, anxiety, and ocd with no bipolar symptoms whatsoever, and he's known me for ten years now.  My gp is the prescribing physician nonetheless, so I'm currently trying mood stabilizers and a benzo.  Not a lot of luck so far.  My stomach is always in knots.  I don't work due to chronic headaches and have a husband (he is not the headache), three grown children, and two pets.  My vices are caffeine and nicotine.  That's all folks!!!!  Happy Easter, and nice to meet you.  Thank you for having me.

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Welcome. I also deal with severe OCD (somewhat in remission right now) and anxiety (NOT in remission) as part of my illness. It's tough. I'm sorry you're not having any luck with the meds so far. Keep trying, you'll get it. I look forward to seeing you around.

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Welcome to Crazyboards. 


Although your GP is your prescribing physician, I can tell you that you will be chasing your tail for a long time in this situation if you don't see a psychiatrist.  Your doctor has not been trained to be an expert in treating people who are mentally interesting, and the best thing he could do for you is to refer you to a psychiatrist.


Also, meds almost always work better if the patient is also in therapy.  If you aren't seeing a therapist, this might be a good time to start.


Just so you know, our site is indexed by Google, so the picture you are using as an avatar could conceivably be seen by lots of people.   If you wish to remain anonymous, you might want to use a different photo.


Please be sure to read the user agreement, and contact one of the staff if you need help.



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