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please don't see me

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I am a newbie , thank gawd I found this site . I am always trying  to find out what NORMAL is. I compare myself to everyone. Somehow seeing all the post I feel better  . :)

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chatta, around here we say that "Normal" is a setting on the washing machine. :lol:


Welcome to our happy asylum.  I ask all newcomers to read the user agreement so you understand how we operate.  We aren't into huggy stuff, but you will find that the members here are very supportive and sympathetic.


I'm glad you signed up!



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Hello and welcome.


"Normal" is also  "nothing special", "unremarkable", "middle of the road", "wouldn't stand out in a crowd", "run of the mill", "unexceptional" and "pretty average".

In Australia the latter is used to complain about a team's performance, as Aussie fans expect every performance to be above average.  Very few of them have worked out the problem with that, yet.



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