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bipolar and loving it

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hey everyone


i just stumbled upon this site... i didn't even realize i was looking for something like this but here i am. 


i am a 23 year old lady in the eastern united states. i was diagnosed with depression in the fall of 2008 and with bipolar "disorder" in the spring of 2010 after my first major manic episode. i struggled a lot with my diagnosis and with medication. i was on Lithium, then Geodon and finally settled in with Lamotrigine. This was great for my depression, which is very seasonal, but with the help of pot and tons of Adderol i became incredibly manic in the spring of 2011, ultimately getting kicked out of college and becoming pregnant with my now 14 month old. 


i have pulled my life together... went to lots of therapy, moved in with my parents, worked my ass off, had a baby, went back to school... and here i am. i have been pregnant and breastfeeding for the last two years. i have been off meds (other than fish oil- 3000mg combined EPA &DHA) and symptom free, but i am terrified of relapse. i have a lot to lose. i am staring medication again this month and would really love the support to stay with it. my doc is starting me on 300 mg Lithium 2x day (i took one and then remembered i have to get blood tests first, so i am doing that monday am and then starting in the afternoon). i didn't love Lithium when i took it 2 years ago, but it seems like a solid option so i am trying it again. 


i am also studying psych, although i don't know a whole lot about it yet. i also like theater, growing food, horses, and learning about reproductive rights. thats me. 

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Lithium can be a great choice.  I love it, myself.  You have made a good commitment to recovery fairly early in your illness.  That gives a lot of hope to your life with your baby.  Check out our blogs.  We are very supportive.

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hey dudes thanks for the welcomes! i am lucky to have a lot of support and an early diagnosis. 


Dusk... thanks for telling me that. I've never heard of that happening to anyone else before but I was sure there were others out there. Can I ask... do they know about your diagnosis? 

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