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My med cocktail...suggestions?

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So as it states in my signature (I think...if it's updated recently)

I am on::

500mg (2x day) of Depakote

30mg of Lexapro

5mg (2x day) of Saphris

1mg of Cogentin (to counteract the akathisia from the Saphris)

10mg of Ambien


I stopped taking the Saphris because it makes me jittery and tired, and the Cogentin just makes it worse, I go see my pdoc next Monday, so I'm going to talk to him about it

I haven't been taking the Saphris or Cogentin regularly even though I need the Saphris, I just can't deal with the side effects...I'm going to ask for something else...


but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Besides Zyprexa, which I take PRN when I get breakthrough hypomania or psychosis, Invega has been the only AAP that works for me with no intolerable side effects like akathisia (Abilify), excessive sleepiness (Seroquel), or severe paranoia (which I developed on Saphris). I have to stay on the maximum recommended dose though, but then again I'm not on a traditional mood stabilizer and I have BP I. Just my experience. Good luck with whatever you end up trying.

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I fell asleep all the time with Zyprexa

The tremors with Abilify were crippling and painful

Seroquel just wound me up like a gerbil (though I was prescribed it for sleep)


Saphris works GREAT for my paranoia and delusions...it just makes me feel like shit lol

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Oh, Zyprexa knocks me out and makes me eat like a bottomless pit, which is why I can't stay on it all the time for maintenance therapy. But when I get hypo or start hearing things, it stops all that dead in its tracks.

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