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I would just be straightforward with my pdoc. If you know that this is a medication that has the potential to help you and has done so in the past, what's the harm in bringing it up as a potential addition to your current treatment? The worst your pdoc can do is say "no" or "not right now," but getting it out in the open means you can either get the medication or have some other med tweak done to address your anxiety. It's a win/win. I definitely don't believe you'd sound like a druggie for discussing your options. :)

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Depends what your doc is like.


I had one that was so anti-benzo that he would not write me an ativan script even though I had the paperwork to prove that I had a previous year of legit scripts from a previous doc.  I would have been fine if he called that previous doc too.  And I'd already seen the anti-benzo doc for 4 years before moving to a different state for a couple years then moving back.  So he knew I was far from drug-seeking or impulsive... it took at least an initial year with him before I was on board with taking even small dose AD's.


He said he was simply convinced by the number of benzo-addicted patients he sees in the hospital that he won't Rx benzos to anyone unless absolutely everything else fails first.  I clearly did not show any hint of abusing ativan in that previous year's PRN script, in fact I had lots leftover from taking it as conservatively as possible.  But he would only Rx the hydroxyzine listed in my sig, basically Benadryl, which did nothing for my anxiety except induce drowsy hangovers that ruin the entire next workday too.


I'm uninsured now so it doesn't matter anymore because I can't afford a pdoc at all.


Lots of docs are totally reasonable.  A few Rx too loosely, a few are inflexible.  Just gotta ask to find out.

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I would just be straightforward and ask if there is anything they could prescribe for anxiety and mention that you had tried ativan before and that it helped. I'm not sure under what circumstances you tried it, but your doctor may ask. If it wasn't prescribed to you I would try to be as vague as possible while getting across that you weren't taking it recreationally or to get high, but rather for relief from your symptoms. But then, I was straightforward with my psych nurse and she still flat out refused, because she "doesn't prescribe benzos to anyone." So you'll have those from time to time. It's worth a shot though, if you truly feel it would benefit you.

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"I've taken ativan in the past for my anxiety and it really helped.   Are you opposed to prescribing me that medicine at this time?"  and go from there. 

Straightforward is really the way to go.  Some docs, yes, don't like benzos.  I've had a couple who freaking TALKED ME INTO IT.  Heh.  (Knowing my hx).

Funnily, I don't abuse benzos, but I have had a hard time coming of klonopin in the past, after being on it for a time.  Sometimes it is necessary.

I don't find benzos exciting at all....


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I would be open and honest with your doc.

I've never abused any benzo. I just get kinda sleepy with them so what is the point really? Plus that is just something I'd never do.

Don't be surprised if your pdoc has other options he or she wants to try first. Many are like that. People do abuse benzos. But there are also people who do not and never have and never will have a problem with them.

I hope you are able to get your anxiety under control.

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