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My OCD is currently in remission, I guess. I haven't been so bad with the washing and stuff for...maybe two months.



But I'm afraid when it finally comes back around (from a trigger, or time itself), I'll freak out - because it can get really bad, and I've been comfortable with where I am right now. :c


I know if something does trigger my OCD, or I just get worse again, I can just think of how better I was when I was less OCD, and compare - but sometimes the symptoms cloud my judgement, I guess. :/


Man, I'm just really hoping it doesn't come back so soon. I've developed more symptoms from one of my other Dx, and I don't think I'll be able to handle OCD and these other symptoms on top of that...

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I hope you can stay in remission too. I am in remission from it thanks to meds and I finally feel free from it.


Me, too. >.<


I think that time was the result of my remission - plus these new symptoms I've been having. :c

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