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for the stereotypically creative...

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There's an association between bipolarity and creativity, which means you have a higher chance of being creative if you're bipolar (but doesn't mean you necessarily will be).  If you are creative, how?

I'm writing a young adult novel and have finished chapter 2 of 8. I would like for my next novel to tackle mental illness issues.  I also occasionally put out short stories, and I used to write poetry. 

I very occasionally manage to be artistic. I have a great batik t-shirt, a sparkly gel-paint painting I did while in a partial hospitalization program, and a few other things.

I feel creative in my work as a graduate student. 

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I have been told I am a good writer and even facilitated a community writing group for a while but I don't know how "good" I actually am.

I enjoy photography and have taken some decent shots.

I really feel I pale by comparison to a lot of other folks though.


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I'm an artist. I collage, draw, paint, etc. I go through periodic bursts where I make so much art it's unbelievable and the rest of the time i spend wanting to create but not able to do it. I also write and used to participate in theater. Cooking is also a creative outlet for me as I often change or make up my own recipes and have even won a recipe contest.

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I am drawn to color , shape, form, either in art or people. If I look at a person, I know imediately how their complete persona can be altered or not to create the most beautiful person they can be inside and out. I have always had this ability. My brother will always thank me for this. ;)

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If you are creative, how?


I'm an artist, "full-time" when I'm functioning properly. For the past 13 years, I've been participating in up to 20 juried exhibits a year, and have won, well, a lot of awards. For a long time, I've been living on the adrenaline of deadlines and hypomania. Okay, I threw things around daily and nearly left my husband and kids, but hey, I was productive.

That's all come to a grinding halt. I'm painting furniture now! Yeah, furniture. I'm having a blast. I was soooo worried about the meds hampering my creativity, but other than putting down the brush to go nap daily, all is well.

And oh, definitely, cooking is an art in and of itself. when I would have blocks, or be frustrated in the studio, I'd cook and cook. But when things were going well.... can you say take-out? 

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My son, who is exactly like me--BP11--but untreated cause he won't take meds--is an artist and a film maker, but has a hard time finiishing things cause he is also ADD and can't really focus.

When I get on a creative screak, its things with my hands--sewing, quilting, crafts--I  love working with color and texture.  I don't tyically think of myself as "creative"AT ALL but I realize now that I have these BURSTS, and now I know that they are part of the "up cycle" which in my case is usually pretty short.  But I love working with fabrics and colors, and creating scrapbook pages with design and color, etc.

Now isn't that the last thing you'd expect from the long-lost blonde Ramone with her own leather jacket and a tamborine?  I mean, its just so Suzy-Homemaker-ish!!  My secret is out--sigh--

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I tinker with light,

I have an HP 912

(Pentax)didge camera.

All sorts of objects,

in the right sort of light.

The subject isn't

that important,

the light is.

Some places tell me

that I must shoot them.

But it's the light

that determines when,

how and what angles.

I need to find a 912 guru,

the software is writeable

I should be able to

get what I want


rewriting some parameters.

I could spend

serious money on lenses.

and ramble on here

THE coffee has arrived!

It's dark,no pictures,Stasis

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I tend to want to make things.  Jewellry, knitting, painting, photography...  I used to write, but i can't anymore.  If I owned my apartment instead of renting it, I'd probably paint the walls every other month.  Crazy murals.  When I'm manic, I was swoops of colour, spirals of colour, all over.  Instead, I used paper and markers for my swoops. 

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There's a lot-

It seems that I"m a good artist. I drew a charcoal and ink of my husband (from the rear, nude!) when I was in college, and without my knowing, my prof submitted it to an art contest. I won 1st place wtihout ever knowing I was in a contest! and my poor hubby was very bashful, even though he wasn't identified in the drawing.

I played flute and bassoon in school and won a bassoon scholarship to college.

I won enough money in essay contests to pay to study abroad and to cover the tuition of my senior year.

I've vegan (no animal products, like meat, eggs, milk, or anything coming from an animal source). I have to be a creative cook. I manage to cook so well, meat eaters never know the difference.

I had a job that I worked for 10 hours a week when I was too sick to work full time, and what I did was teach children crafts. I made up the crafts, thinking like a child, what they would get into and what they could conceptualize and accomplish with pride, and we all had a great time.

Kids love me because i can switch to Kid Mode and be like a kid with them!

I guess that counts lol

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I have quite a few artistic outlets that I enjoy very much (and also seem to be quite good at):

Photography is one of my preferred methods of artisan. I took it two times in school and loved it SO much. We had our own darkroom so not only did I get to take the pictures but I got to get my hands dirty and develop them myself. Oh, how I loved that darkroom so. Once hubby and I buy a house I am hoping to build a darkroom for myself and begin doing what I love once again.

I took drama all throughout school and was even admitted into a pretty prestigious music theatre school based on a song that I sang as well as a monologue I preformed. I was one of three females admitted out of about 250 that applied. I received a drama award in grade 8, grade 10, grade 11 and grade 12.

I also have written poetry for as long as I can remember. As a young child I had a small book of about 12 or 13 poems published. What fun.

My most recent artsy endeavor is that I am going to be a chef sometime soon. (Gotta save money for tuition, blah.) Once out of school with my diploma in both culinary arts as well as culinary management I will be a personal chef first. Once I have a bit of credibility I will be opening my own catering company. I want to create works of art in all types of food, all styles of cooking, foods from every corner of the world. I want to make people's weddings that much better by providing breathtaking creations that will make them gawk with awe. Heh. I can't wait.

*Squeals with excitement!*


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I'm a journalist and so I've been writing forever but journalism can be so formulaic that I've wanted to move to fiction and be more free. Problem with that is that I have these parameters that have been set by my journalistic training and it's so hard for me to step out of that box. i.e. "make up" a story.

On the other hand, I did write a book about 12 years ago (entered it in a contest and it came in second after Barbara Taylor Bradford, which I didn't realize until just last year!). It was published...and then died a quick death.

Have been trying for the past few years to get back into another novel...I've started several...have the characters...the loose plots, etc. It's the setting down to work on them and then getting into them so much there is no outside world that I can't seem to accomplish.

Two things seem to stop me these days...one, that I've become so fearful of failure that I become paralyzed to even begin.  I want to write the next Great American Novel...but that means spending a lot of time and golly gee whiz, what if it's not so great?!?! Failure, failure, failure...it's so much easier not to do anything than to try and fail!

AND...I can't seem to finish anything these days. From cleaning to running errands, nothing gets completely finished. Never been as proud of myself as when I actually finished my novel. However, the ending sucked because it was all I could do to finish it because the editor was waiting for it.

To be a writer you have to be incredibly disciplined...have a schedule and stick with it...and keep on writing even when you feel blocked. I can plan a schedule...it's the sticking to it that I fall short of.

One of these days......

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Longtime (if social phobic) writer.

I also like to make up crochet patterns.

Frankly, my hypomanias suck the big one -- consistently, mainly, as they do, as anger, mad-as-hell .

When I'm medicated I seem  not-rotten.

When I get the guts I'll post some fiction for you folks.


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