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So I'm having a re-trial of Depakote ER at 1000mg.


And, of course, wanting to be well-informed, I have searched the web for encouraging news.


The problem is, it is scarce.


I really want to like this med, because I was prescribed it specifically for horrible mixed states.


Anyone out there love Depakote?


Additionally, is the weight gain THAT bad?


And the hair loss thing too...


(Since I started taking antipsychotics and anticonvulsants, my hair had turned from being thick and straight to being wavy and thin, and it's always dry and ugly-- I don't mind it that much though, it's one of the things that I choose to live with)


Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

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Depakote worked wonders for me at controlling mania.  I did gain some weight but when I watched my carbs I was able to lose the weight.  I was just gentle with my hair, air drying, lots of conditioner and it was fine. I had a pdoc switch me to lamictal because it was one he preferred, but I wouldn't hesitate about taking it again if I started having any symptoms.

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I took my first dose of Depakote ER at 1000mg last night.


I feel fine now, albeit a bit too happy and giddy.


I know I should give it a month to judge, but I did come across an old post of mine on Facebook saying that I loved Depakote. For those wondering, I have only just recovered from an eating disorder. At the time, I refused to take any more Depakote because I gained 10 pounds on it.


I'm on a re-trial because I realized that 10 pounds is a fair trade-off for hellish mixed states. FWIW, I was only on Depakote for 1 month before.


I guess what I'm looking for is more positive reviews on Depakote. I do know that people usually only post when the drug sucks. But I think it would generally be helpful to be more encouraging about these meds. In a way, we should give it a fair chance.


That's why I wanted to hear positive stories about it. I've had enough of the bad.



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I see that not a lot of people like Depakote, or those who do don't bother to post.


It's ok.


I will give this a shot, nonetheless, because it's one of the few shots I have left.


I've tried most of the AAPs, some typical, topamax, keppra, lithium.


I was never really as stable as when I was on Risperdal and Lamictal. 


I finally thought I was doing ok.


Save for these mixed states that I have been having.


So I guess Depakote is okay for that, we'll see....


But if anyone, anyone, has more encouraging news, I'd REALLY appreciate it.

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I was on depakote for several years and it KILLS mixed states, kills them with fire.  I loved that property.

the only SE I had was some weight gain initially, but I did lose it all with healthy diet/exercise.  It can totally be done.  Weight gain is not NECESSARY.   Weight gain also can respond to metformin, I think. 

I loved it for what it was, it did nothing for my depression, which was a HUGE problem.  Switching to lithium took care of both sides of the equation far better, with less se's. 

That said, if mixed states are what you want to quash, depakote is your drug.  I really loved it, for many years, for that reason alone.  I think it gets a bit of a major rep for se's that may be undeserved.


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My only problem is I am too sedated on it.


As I type, my eyes are closing.


And, unlike before, I don't like being sedated.


I'd rather have all my mental faculties intact...


It's way too soon to know if that side effect is going to stick around. Be patient; hang in there.

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I take 1000mg depakote a day (called Epival in Canada) and it works, but I need an antidepressant to augment a bit or I get pretty depressed.

It works, but not as well as Lithium (which I can't take due to kidney disease) but better than many others.. I didn't gain or lose any weight on it. No sedation, but that might be because abilify is activating as hell for me. No hair loss.

It is great for rapid cycling and is often a first course treatment, which it was for me, when I was 17.

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Thanks for all those who replied.


I was also wondering if whether Depakote messes with birth control (specifically the injectable type- DMPA)?


I was put on this because I was taking Topamax before, and that does a number on birth control pills. But so far so good.


Does anybody have a clue, especially as it is crucial for me to avoid pregnancy while on Depakote?

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