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new here.. new diagnosis.. glad I found this site

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Hey everyone. 23 years old.. diagnosed with depression at 16 and cycled through countless antidepressants.. recently re-diagnosed as BPII and my family thinks I'm diseased.

50mg of Topamax once daily and I feel better than ever.

It's just nice to know I'm not alone. I didn't know there was such a thing as BPII, but I'm a classic case.

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hey crash,

Welcome to CB, I have Bipolar II also and I'm 22, you'll love it here, everyone is so supportive of each other.

I have problems with family too, my family thinks I fake my issues especially my psychosis...they think I do it for attention

but yeah you're definitely NOT alone, hope you find peace and help here :)

feel free to message me if you ever wanna talk

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Hi Crash,


Welcome to the boards! And nope, you're definitely not alone. It's good that you're been (re)diagnosed at a young age. I've known a lot of mentally interesting people who've had family problems, but  I'm lucky that my family completely supports me.


This is a cool place. 



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Thanks! The rediagnosis was life-changing! It's made a world of difference in my life and I am so glad I found a doctor who recognized my elongated ups and downs.

My cycles are running about 4 months up then 3 months down and she picked up on that. I never would have thought anything other than depression if it weren't for her.

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