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TMS - Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation

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Hi folks. 


Long time lurker here, who recently joined the Boards and really appreciates the site.  Thankyou :)



A quick search of the boards has failed to find any information on this topic, so I'm throwing it out here and hoping for some enlightenment.


I have previously heard of Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation being trialled as an alternative or adjunct to medication in treatment-resistant depression.

Today I saw a news report online, from October 2012, stating that this treatment is now available to the public in Victoria (Australia).




I'll be making inquiries in my own state, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience of this particular treatment?


Thanks, and best wishes to all who are struggling.



ETA: Just to clarify...  The first report on the above link is relevant...but says the treatment "may be available within two years."  The report which follows is the one I referenced, stating this treatment is already available in Victoria. 





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I believe it's available in the public system at the Alfred Hospital and privately at the Victoria Clinic. I don't have any personal experience myself, but it's something I would definitely consider if my meds ever stop working.

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I am also in the US, and my pdoc has recommended the TMS treatment by Neurostar.  The very short story is that it is not FDA approved for bipolar depression--last I checked--(which is what I have), and my insurance will not cover it.  It would have been about $20,000 USD for the full round of treatments.  I just don't have that kind of cash.  My pdoc kind of threw it out there as "maybe it could help you?", but it's so new, that she didn't have much research for her suggestion or clinical experience.

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A hospital near here has a Neurostar unit and they do run studies. I think if you're accepted for a study, you may be thrown in the "placebo" group and not get the real treatment, but at the end you can get the real deal if you want after the study is over. 


It's also now covered by Medicare, if you're lucky enough to have been unable to work AND are receiving social security. 


Bad news for me is that it doesn't seem to be very effective with bipolar. But since TMS targets specific parts of the brain, it's entirely possible that new targets could be developed with the exact same equipment. 

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I live in NY and received 40 treatments of TMS in 2011.  My pdoc had just purchased the NeuroStar equipment and 15 of patients had between 30 and 40 tmts that year.  (Usually given 5 times a week - takes 35-45 minutes)  I believe we were all self pay but more insurances are paying now (2013).  Of the 15 of us I was the only patient to have no success at all - no relief of symptoms of depression.   In fact, it seemed to hurt my concentration - I use to read 2 books a week.  Now I can't read any full length books.   Doctor feels that the concentration problem is due too the severity of my depression. I disagree.  My doctors over the last 20 years don't agree on my diagnosis - bipolar II or agitated depression or depression w/ anxiety.  

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