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Hey everyone.  I was just put on Zyprexa (currently 5mg, but I'm suppose to be going up to 10mg or 15mg), and I've been on it for almost a week.  My girlfriend said that while I've been sleeping I've been abnormally twitching.  I also have noticed that my hands have been shaking a lot.  Is this a normal side-effect of Zyprexa, and will it go away, or should I discontinue?  I see my psychiatrist on the 8th.

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This is one of those things that is hard to measure yourself.  What might seem like a major tremor could just be a minor twitch.


I have a slight tremor and my p-doc said it was nothing to worry about; he sees people with serious tremors, and you can tell the difference.


All Im saying is dont panic; if its bothering you get medical advice.

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Man I didnt like Zyprexa much at all.  My Pdoc's nurse, who is usually on the mark, prescribed this during what she thought might have been a psychosis NOS.  Anyways, I felt stranger on that drug than anything I've taken before.  My sense of interior/exterior got really weird, almost impossible to explain.


Having said that, it's a beast for helping to knock out any problem or fast thoughts, and it was good for sleep.  I hope it helps you and you get over this.

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