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SSDI is not the new welfare

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Probably preaching to the choir but some links to dispute the thought that people are increasingly abusing the system.  I know from personal experience that it is difficult to qualify.  I was turned down while actively psychotic (I think I was too ill to file properly). I eventually was accepted.

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NPR (of all people), ran this series a couple of weeks ago.  There have been a few response pieces written on it, but to say I was outraged was an understatement.  (My link is the same link found in the articles.)  I was driving in my car when I heard the first installment.  Being outraged in rush hour traffic was no bueno!

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To think of SSDI as "welfare" IS an outrage. 


First of all, if you (or any members of your family) have ever worked, you HAVE paid into the system and are now receiving benefits!  The amount taken fout of your paycheck (in the USA) is 7.65% of which   6.2% goes to "old age, survivors, and disability benefits" - OASDI - and the other 1.65% goes to Medicare.    BTW, until the beginning of this year, it was 2% less due to the "payroll tax stimulus" promoted by President Obama for the last several years... so there is a tax increase that hits the working class the most (probably necessary, but still). 


So not only is SSDI NOT welfare, you - or someone in your family- has paid into the system so that people who need it receive it.  Personally, I think CORPORATE welfare is what everyone should be concerned about.


MAKES ME SO MAD!    I almost wish they would stop calling Social Security and Medicare "entitlements" since it sends the wrong message.   ARGGGH.

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