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I started to take Saphris roughly two years ago, and it's the only med that has ever given me any relief(I have schizo-affective disorder).  I'm really upset because the Saphris has less and less of an effect on me, and the doctor has already raised the dose. I go in to see him again next month and I guess he can raise it again, but my question is, can you become immune to your medication?  This breaks my heart that this medicine isn't helping me as much as it did in the past.  It scares me, too.  I've really been struggling the last few months. 

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Yes, medication can become less effective. It's hard to say what is going on, though. It could be that your body no longer responds to it, at least not at the same dose. It could be that the illness is in a more severe phase so you need more or a different med for a while to combat it. It could be xxxx. Hard to say. The opposite side is that sometimes medicine that didn't work well when tried earlier now works just fine. Our bodies change. Our illnesses apparently change as well. Sorry, that's not much comfort.


What medications have you tried? There are quite a few.

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It can definitely happen that a med becomes less effective and we have no idea why.

That said, raising the dose again may help.   If this is has been your "best" med so far, it makes sense to increase it as much as you can before trying other options.  That said, there are plenty of other options, that hopefully you have not tried yet, that may help.


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