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Random SSDI/ SSI questions

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I had my ALJ hearing, and the judge told me that he would be approving my disability. No problems there. I am assuming that he will retro me for the entire time I claimed to be disabled. That works out to about 3 years worth. It could be a partially favorable decision, but whatever. Let's work with the assumption that it's going to be the whole thing.

My questions:

1) I have a 9 year old daughter. Will I get money for her too? I think I will, but I don't know if that will retroact for the whole 3 years as well. Anybody know?

2) Medicare. Assuming it's a fully favorable decision, I will have already been disabled for 3 years. Will this count for the 2 year waiting period for Medicare? Will my daughter be able to be covered under Medicare with me?

3) Institutionalized benefit payee. Yup, he said I'm too nuts to manage my own money, and my mom is someone I depend on too much for emotional support to do it. My funds will be managed through my mental health care clinic. Has anyone else had this? I'm looking at a pretty decent back payment, and I want to buy a car and a new computer. Will they let me? If I get back pay for my daughter too, that's even more money... Will they let me put it in a mutal fund for my daughter's college education?

4) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

5) One reason I'm sort of happy about the payee thing is that I think I can get help saving money. I know I won't be able to save very quickly, but to be able to save at all would be an improvement. I want to save money to get a tummy tuck. (Pregnancy was unkind to me!) It's something I've wanted since my daughter was born. Will my payee tell me that this is a stupid goal and that I can't do it? I don't care if it takes years to save enough.. I just want to do it!

I'll probably think of more later.. That's just off the top of my head, and I can't seem to wade through search results today. :/

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Well... from what *I* got goung through the process with my fiancee (no decision yet...)--

#3--I've seen folks at her mental health center come in and ask for their checks.  Which means, depending on your place, you may get it with no restrictions.  OR, from my sense of things, it may be necessary for *someone* to show the money is going towards things like healtcare, mental health care, food, etc.

Buying a car should be fine, the rest, I dunno.

#4--About 28 pounds/hour, unless he's on meth, then you just get the hell out of the way.  (Hopped up woodchucks are scary!)

$5--Dunno, but if they're tracking your costs, elective surgery may well be out.

Anyways, that's all I got, little that it be.  I'm waiting to find out some of the answers myself...

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