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It seems I am having a paradoxical reaction to Depakote.



First two doses knocked me out for 15 hours.


Then third dose, I could not sleep.


Tossing and turning the whole night.


And when I do sleep, I have sleep paralysis.


Is this common?


Then it decreased my appetite.


Does this mean I won't gain weight on it?


FWIW, I am on Depakote ER at 1000mg.


Thank you.

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Dep CAN activate some people (or maybe you were just having a bad night) and can decrease appetite.  It's not unheard of.

The only thing that I can say about gaining weight is, you are less likely to if you eat healthy and exercise, and only time will tell (decreased appetite may not last).

That said, give it more than 3 days.  It's a bit hard to tell what ANY med will do after 3 days.

And I still got way more good than bad out of it.


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NullChamber, what I mean by sleep paralysis is that I'm wide awake but cannot move at all or talk. I am also filled with terror and I don't know why. This happens for some 15 minutes or so until I snap out of it.


Anna, thank you for your reply. I am willing to give it more time because I am really hoping this will be the med for me to prevent and squash mixed states.

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