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Well. My name is Louise. I'm 17 on the 19th of April. Don't know how to do this.

I'm autistic. I hear shit, but they call it schizoaffective disorder. I have a bad anxiety disorder and crappy depression. I'm almost blind, almost deaf, my scoliosis is near crippling, and I used to be a victim of severe bullying...

How are you today?

I don't know what else to say.

I have ADHD? 

Adopted young, but still fucked in the head....





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Hi Louise, and welcome to Crazyboards.


I always ask new people to read the User Agreement so they understand how we operate.


Don't be afraid to contact a moderator if there is anything you don't understand.  I'm glad you came here and I hope we can offer you some support and information.



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welcome Louise and I am glad you found us

you have more burdens than is fair for a young woman


I do not think you will be bullied here, are you taking any medication

yet for your SZA symptoms, or your anxiety and depression?


I hope you have good medical care

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