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I've already been hearing things and seeing things. Are schizophrenics also more likely to remember things?

I have this memory of a particular Halloween, where my brother (we are only 13 months apart, tho he was bigger than me) wrestled me down and did something to me sexually. I remember sitting in the car, that Halloween trick or treating with my brother and I felt the crushing weight of a rape survivor. It was really more of a "Dude! Get off me!" moment, but it was the worse deadening feeling in the world. I mean there was skin on skin.

However, I've been doing some math about this memory and things don't add up. I don't remember what I dressed up that Halloween, nor my brother's costume. Tho in my childhood, I had a pretty good memory for what I dressed up as every year.

This memory if real, would have taken place like in the 5th or 6th grade, but the actual memory of this incident from the past, must have fabricated itself some time around age 18 when I was first becoming schizophrenic. It seems I would have mentioned this to my brother earlier, but I didn't bring it up with him until late high school, which he had no idea what incident I was even talking about. I accused him of denying it then, but 10 years since my diagnosis, I'm beginning to question all of my terrible memories of incidents like that, because they are logically in disarray with real memories, and all people who would have took place in the memories deny they happened. I mean I can't even remember what books I read in the 5th or 6th grade. How can these memories that seem like a Lifetime channel movie, be real when their details are all logically out of place?

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Idk how to answer your question, but I can answer (for myself) if schizophrenics are more likely to remember things.  I'm SZA and can recall/remember LOTS of things from my past.  Some are random memories that I remember, but other times the memories swarm my head like they just happened yesterday, and I do remember them vividly.  I hope this helps.

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I'm not schiz but I have been delusional. My memories of a few of those times are duel - I know they are not real, but the memory is as if what was happening was real. I believed it then totally so now the memory is from that perspective. Yet, I know they were delusions and don't question that they were. But really, the delusions weren't very possible in reality, so knowing they weren't real as a stable person isn't that hard. If they were realistic, I could see how it could be challenging to know with certainty that something did or did not happen. That said, even people without MI conflate reality all the time. Memory is a complex thing. I guess I'd say that if all other input while you are not delusional is that things did not happen, you may be safer going with that version of events. 

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