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confused about what to do...

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I would do two things. First, I'd contact and retain an attorney if you've not already done so. I know they take a big chunk of your money when/ if you get approved, but I think this crap is just way too hard to do without one. That might just be me though... I *have* heard it said that they tend to look at how you've handled yourself during the process though... Like if you are able to get through all their hoops on your own, it looks like you can work. Don't ask me how they come to that conclusion though.

The other thing I would do is get your tdoc to write detailed notes about why he/ she thinks you can't work.. what your limitations are, why school is okay but work is not.. That kind of thing. If you have any academic accomodations, that would be good to put in there too. Stuff like "Motorgrrl gets tape recordings of lectures to take notes because she is frequently unable to wake up to come to class." Or whatever.

Good luck!

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