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Can I be on this much lithium and no be BP?

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Firstly i am new to this so sorry if i mess up

I have a dx of BPD though my pdoc refuses to write it up when I see him as he hasnt decided which type.

I have had all the symptoms of BPD over this time but the major player has been frequent and extreme mood swings. So now I'm on 1400mg lithium MS to control plus 15 mg Abilify AP to boost lithium ( cant get no sleep with this one ), plus 30 mg mirtazipine AD.

is this a normal combo or is my psych nurse ( dont know the shorthand) right in saying he thinks I'm BP2 instead.

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I think the question is does this med cocktail help your symptoms?


Whether you have bipolar or borderline medication is all about helping you with your symptoms.

And with Lithium the most important thing, bedsides drinking a lot of water, is to have your

Lithium blood level tested.  Have you had a 12 hour blood test yet?

It is a slightly high dose of Lithium but what does your blood test say?

How much water are you drinking?


I think you have a lot to discuss with your pnurse, perhaps you should see an actual psychiatrist.

I know a Pnurse can prescribe psych meds, and I have seen one myself.

Ultimately I was happier with an MD.

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Thanks for the reply

I do see a psychiatrist and have bloods every 12 weeks, sorry if I wasnt clear on that, just my nurse and my doc don't seem to officially agree.

The cocktail does seem to be helping which is great as last year i came off my old AP with disastrous results, as when I went back on my body rejected it. My lith levels dropped off and I have spent 12 months trying to get a new cocktail that works. I am five weeks into the Abilify and my mood has improved greatly and my lith levels are at 0.86 (max in uk is 1.0) so am nicely mid range.

Am currently trying new times of day to take the Abilfy to reduce the lack of sleep as waking up and bouncing out of bed at 2am is no fun when work starts at 8!

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On these boards, BPD stands for borderline personality disorder. BP stands for bipolar. Which do you mean or do you mean both?


In general, both BPI and BP2 respond to the same cocktails. You can't identify which by the meds that work or don't work. I have to qualify that. Some with BP1 are too activated by meds like Lamictal or Abilify to take them without some hypo/manic reaction. That isn't very common, though. If you find a cocktail that works and your symptoms go away for an extended period of time, you probably are not BPD. Personality disorder symptoms may improve with meds but don't really go away by taking them.


Oh, and a perfectly healthy person can take a max dose of Lithium. It doesn't mean anything regarding diagnosis.

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That was the question really i am diagnosed borderline tho am told there are 2 types and pdoc has not decided which, even though it has been 6 years or so. But at 1 point the nurse suggested he thought i was due to the typemof meds and the rapid response i hadto them.

When the meds are working they keep me fully under control, until recently i had a 3 1/2 year run of perfectly normal for the first time in my adult life. Only when i messed with the meds did I fall to pieces again.

The abilify is currently still screwing with my sleep patterns ( its 2.15am again here) will keep trying a bit taking a different times as its keeping my mood nicely up, even though really tired.

Thanks for the info, will probably try and get some more sleep in a bit

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